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It’s easier for us to feel expressive and lavish our words on our partner without tasting the effects of our words.

As much as men love to be respected and women love attention, it’s beyond just calling him your husband or wife. The respect and affection has to be shown in your words and action. You don’t have to wait for your spouse to earn the love before you show it. It’s possible that your marriage isn’t going as you planned but instead of focusing on what’s wrong, you can build the home of your choice using the right words.

You create your home with the resources you have. Your resources aren’t about the money in your bank account but your thoughts, actions and the desires you bring into manifestation.

A lot of homes are currently going through crisis because the people in it are focused on themselves rather than facing the issues specifically. When you fight against your spouse over everything, you are fighting the battle the wrong way.

You can’t afford to run your marriage the same way your parent did if it didn’t work out well for them. You need knowledge and the right attitude to get ahead. Living your life without being intentional with your personal development race is a big trap for yourself. When you speak to your spouse based on their attitudes, you may be tempted to trample on their place in your life but the Bible has admonished us to deal wisely with our loved ones and put their interests before ours.

For women, nagging has never solved any problem, it only worsens it. Choose the right words that can boost your home.

“The foolish woman is restless and noisy; she is naive and easily misled and thoughtless, and knows nothing at all [of eternal value]” PROVERBS 9:13 AMP

Men, love your wife like Christ loves the church. In spite of her imperfections, correct her in love. Your tonality determines how she takes it inwardly. You can’t allow your friends teach you wrong ways to build your home. You should also be careful where you learn about marriage.

How can you build your home with your words?

1. Speak to your spouse with respect and out of love. Choose the right timing and choice of words. Even when you are angry sometimes, find a better time to express yourself.

2. Pray out every issue you don’t want to experience again and allow God change the heart of your spouse rather than nagging daily for him to change or commanding her to do your bid.

3. Choose who to speak to when things go worse. Choose a mentor or someone you respect rather than a family member or friend.

4. Speak words of affirmation concerning your marriage when you wake up, during your prayers and when you are meditating during the day.

5. Speak positive words to your spouse. Be a source of encouragement and focus on what they are good at.

If you stay intentional about creating a better life with your attitudes, maintaining the right balance in your actions and thinking the right way, you will surely create a better home as you grow together.

What words are you speaking to your spouse?


Mofoluwaso Ilevbare is  a soulful thought-leader, wife and mother of two. She loves God, family, life coaching and chocolate cake. Her love for writing has made her a 6-time Amazon Best-selling Author, co-authoring six Amazon best-sellers, writing fourteen books of her own. She recently received a Quilly Award in Hollywood from the National Academy of Best Selling Authors for the bestselling book “Cracking The Code To Success” co-authored with Brian Tracy, which was one of her highlights last year.  


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