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12 Naija Women Answer The Question “Do You Believe In Gender Equality?”


Gender equality refers to a state of equal ease of access to resources and opportunities regardless of gender, including economic participation and decision-making. But the subject has become a very controversial one because of the way different people perceive it.

We asked some Naija women if they believe in gender equality and they gave us their views of the subject.


I believe in gender equality, but do I think it can be attained in Nigeria? I believe in giving equal opportunities to all. As a woman, I should not be denied of certain opportunities because I am a woman, I mean, I should not receive a different pay from what a man receives when we actually do the same work. Neither should I be made to feel inferior because I am a woman.


I do not believe men and women are treated equally (though I think we should be). There’s still a pay difference for men and women with men being paid more, for the same job, and there’s a glass ceiling where in certain industries, a woman cannot exceed.


If by “gender equality”, you mean having equal opportunities to jobs, education, politics and other fundamental human rights, then yes, I do believe in gender equality. I believe women should not be relegated in societal affairs because they are women and I also believe men should not be seen as stronger and more advantaged than women.

Yes, because men and women are unique in their own ways, therefore should be given equal rights to strive in their own areas without any form of discrimination or intimidation. Mind you, this is not a form of competition (as being wrongly speculated) but a stand for freedom.


I believe a lot in gender equality. The matter stirs my loins. I believe we should all be feminists, advocating for equal pay and also equal respect. The societal patriarchal beliefs needs to be attack at the roots- the family, one person at a time. You’d often hear because you are a lady, you must know how to do this and that. Who enforces this beliefs on the men too?


Yes I do. I believe a man and a woman should respect each other 100%. I believe that women deserve the same opportunities given to men and vice versa. I would like to see more men teaching in Nursery schools because it should not be gender specific. I would like to see more women fly planes. Because God made us all and He put in us gifts that are not necessarily gender specific. I however also believe in the biblical principle of a man being the head of a home. Love and submission are equal. Love begets submission and submission begets love. In the end, they are one and the same thing.


I believe in gender equality, I just feel some women take it to the extreme or don’t pass the message across properly making those who follow them to act out inappropriately to their husbands or boyfriends. We should stand for our rights but careful to know the limits.


Yes, I do believe in gender equality because I strongly believe no gender is inferior or superior to the other. I think our problem is every man (including the boyfriends, male classmates and co-workers etc.) wants to apply the biblical rule of a man is the head of a woman just like Christ is the head of the church outside of the home and being the head doesn’t equal subjugation. If before God, a man and a woman are the same, I don’t see why that should be any different before man. . . and all these crappy tales about nine bones and seven bones. . . don’t know where people got it from . . . (call me a Feminist now, won’t mind).


Yes, I do. Gender should not be perceived as two opposing set of ideals, rather, it is a complementary spectrum towards the growth of the society at large. Everyone has a role to play and has something to contribute. There should not be discrimination against women.


I do! It’s just an act of fairness. Every society that seeks progress should believe in gender equality. Women’s contribution to the economic development of the nation cannot be overlooked.


Yes I do. Because for a long time, women have been at the receiving end of backlashes, societal and cultural stereotypes, traditional man-made values that have robbed them of their value and self worth. No gender is superior to another. God created us equally.


Yes I believe in gender equality. Why shouldn’t I? Everyone should receive equal treatment. Whether you are a man or woman, it doesn’t change anything and should not grant you special opportunity and treatment. Yes there are peculiar cases where the woman gets to be treated in a special way but think about it, she alone bears the burden of reproduction. Anything less than that should not be accepted. A man deserves as much respect as a woman deserves, vice versa.









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