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13 Naija Women Tell Us What They Think About Living With Their Boyfriend Before Marriage


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Couples have different reasons why they cohabit. In some cases, women agree to this arrangement because they think that by doing that, their partner would put a ring on the fourth finger. We asked some  women what they think about cohabiting and 13 women share their views.


It’s a risk. And its a 50:50 chance. If it favors you, good for you, but if it does not, you deal with the garbage that comes along with it.


It’s more profitable to know you are not fit for each other before marriage than to realise that after marriage.


Truly, it’s a bad idea. And this is because it comes with many negative aspects. There’s this grace that comes with matrimony, which enables you and your partner to bear each others flaw, and handle issues in a different way. But when you co-habit, and discover these shortcomings, friction sets in and might sadly lead to a breakup. Most times one or both parties loose their self respect and integrity.


It worked for me and I’m now happily married. It is just like practicing marriage. You get to know each other well. I think it is a matter of tolerance and being real.


It’s not a good or godly idea. 1. Until you’re married anything can happen, so, living together doesn’t guarantee that you’ll both eventually get married and how many people do you want to live with before your husband. 2. It’ll just lead to fornication. How long can you say no to sex while sleeping on the same bed?  3. No matter how long you live together, a person can change, so getting to know them is not even a stable excuse.


Living together doesn’t mean yes to marriage. It worked for some. I lived with the father of my son for 5 years but today we are not together. Sometimes, it’s a waste of time with no and no value.


I have no problem with that. Perhaps, it enables both parties to really get to know each other better before they tie the knot, because, once you live with someone, you’ll get to discover things about them that you previously aren’t aware of, and you have to decide whether you can live with those habits.


It worked for me and I’m still happily married. To me, cohabiting helps you to know what you want and if marriage would be the best decision.


The truth is that, from every angle, this idea is wrong. It may lead lead to marriage but with a lot of effects. And it becomes time wasting because both have enjoyed the married life outside marriage and nothing is left to venture into. I don’t support the idea at all.


Its a big no. even though I did that and it turned out well. I’m now married and happy but its still a big no. A lot happens.


I don’t buy that idea. Marriage is something you both work to work out cause there is no perfect person and it has to do with commitment.


I think living together for the last 3 months before engagement is highly necessary. That’s when you really get to know someone and less chances of divorce.


People emphasize marriage like it’s all bed of roses even with all the evidence and examples right in front of us. You can never predict a person neither can you predict a relationship’s success. It will either work or it won’t.


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