An Open Letter To The ‘Unpatriotic Nigerian’


Politics is the art of making your selfish desires seem like the national interest” – Thomas Sowell.

I saw the above quote in an article I read recently and I can’t seem to agree less. In as much as I would like to take exception to the reality of above quote, what I see around me especially from the middle class people in my age bracket is really appalling and confirms the truth in the quote.

I’ll be as blunt as ever in addressing this issue;

That you have the basic necessities in life does not mean the per capita income in Nigeria is great or the gap in health inequalities or poverty is not growing wide.

That you have an air conditioning system in your house that purifies the air and gives a temperature of 18 degrees centigrade does not mean the temperature outside is not 45 degrees centigrade!

You should be able to realise that you are privileged to afford the system that cools the air and regulates your temperature but you should not forget the temperature outside is incredibly hot and there are people dying of heatstroke, getting sun burn and sweating profusely under the hot sun.

When I see people, make comments on social media, especially Facebook that the current Governance in Nigeria is world class and things have gotten better. I dare to say Thomas Sowell was referring to them.

The maternal death in Nigeria is reaching the highest in the entire world and the poverty level has grown to greater heights recently.

People cannot afford the basic needs of life, even three square meals, not to talk of basic health care, accommodation etc.

Retired pensioners who have sacrificed over 30 years of their life for the Nigerian Civil service are being owed 13 months pension or more in some states.

For us to be seen as patriotic citizens we should be selfless in our actions and the words we say.

And just because you live in Lagos or Abuja, You come home from work and go to bed with both eyes closed and you wake up the next morning and drive to work safely does not mean there is security in the country.

You should be sensitive to what is happening in the middle belt and North East states.

Men, women, pregnant women are being slain, babies and toddlers are being killed daily, people go to their farms and do not return home, There is a genocide and ethnic cleansing going on in Nigeria plus the insurgency in the
North East, how then can one boldly say, there is security in Nigeria?

And there are thousands and thousands of refugees scatters all over Nigeria.

We call them internally displaced people, IDP’s, a lot of the children in the IDP camps have dropped out of school, their future has been cut short and yet you seat down in the comfort of your home and type on your electronic device- ‘This Government is securing the lives and properties of its citizens’.

I dare to say you are not a patriotic Nigerian and you do not have the interest of the masses at heart.

‘Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president’ – Theodore Roosevelt


Adaku Efuribe is a Clinical Pharmacist/Health Promotion Ambassador who advocates for better health care systems for all.

She is a prolific writer and engages the general public with her health, political and social articles; her articles have been published in notable international tabloids, magazines, and blogs.

You can connect with her on facebook.com/AskYourPharmacistAdaku

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