Funmi Akingbade: Pregnancy Without Ejaculation, Reality Or Myth?


Recently, I was in my editor’s office and we discussed cases of women who claimed that their husbands impregnated them without ejaculating during sex. It reminded me of some incidents during my days in the secondary school.
Some teenagers, who knew that a girl could get pregnant if they slept with her, still went ahead to experiment with sex out of curiosity. They felt that if they could quickly withdraw before ejaculation, their partners would not get pregnant.

Well, those girls got pregnant and usually it led to arguments and fighting between families. But the boys at the centre of it, always argued that they couldn’t have been responsible because they never ejaculated. In fact, as claimed by a particular woman personally known to me, her husband has not ejaculated in recent times. But l came across a lady who said, “My husband does not have a problem with erection, nor does he lack the desire for sex, but he almost never ejaculated and we have a child already.”

Can pre-ejaculation seminal fluid get a woman pregnant? Is it possible for pre-ejaculation seminal fluid to contain spermatozoa? Is it possible for a man to impregnate a woman without ejaculating? Is it possible for a man to feel sexually satisfied only by penetrative sex, although he does not ejaculate? Can erection come without ejaculation? Do such men experience orgasm? Were these ladies made pregnant by the pre-ejaculation fluid or does the pre-ejaculation fluid have some hidden spermatozoa already?

This has been an issue for quite a long time. But the fact remains that it may be a bit difficult to distinctively separate pre-ejaculation seminal fluid without spermatozoa and pre-ejaculation seminal fluid with spermatozoa or to be able to say exactly when pre-ejaculation fluid mixed with spermatozoa.
It’s also important to recognise the extent of the male sexual response. The arousal phase marked by erection also includes other physiological changes such as increase in heart rate and blood pressure, rate of breathing, flushing of the skin, increase in muscular tension, nasal congestion in some cases, due to the “erectile tissue” of the nasal cavity, which becomes engorged, lubrication of the urethra (producing a sticky discharge from the end of the penis), and a shifting of blood to the pelvic area. As orgasm approaches, all of these changes increase until the orgasmic release occurs and ejaculation surfaces.

Now orgasm is most obviously signaled by ejaculation, which is the forceful emission of seminal fluid from the penis. This produces a part of the pleasurable sensation of orgasm. The contractions of the vas deferens and outer leg muscles move in a rhythmic cycle. The intense muscular contractions of the large muscle groups such as the buttocks, thighs and abdomen; sweating, a respiratory response; and the relaxation that follows all contribute to the intense pleasure of orgasm. These may occur in varying degrees during a sexual experience. It may, therefore, be that the varying degrees of such actions can explain why some pre-ejaculation seminal fluid may lead to pregnancy with or without full ejaculation.

Consequently, a man may have a satisfying experience without ejaculation. If the other aspects of arousal and orgasm are present. One explanation for this may be that he is having “retrograde” ejaculations. In this condition, the seminal fluid is directed back up the urethra into the bladder rather than externally through the penis as ejaculation.
It is also possible for ejaculation to be inhibited by some psychological factors such as (fear of pregnancy or guilt over sexuality), physical factors such as (fatigue or alcohol use), or as side effects from some medications such as (tranquilizers and antidepressants). In such cases like this, there may be possibility of a release of scanty pre-ejaculation seminal fluid that may contain few spermatozoa; which explains pregnancy without obvious ejaculation.


Over the past 20 years, Funmi Akingbade has run a successful marriage and sex therapy practice. Her work embraces some of the most effective and natural herbal treatment methods along with various coaching and counselling programmes. She desires to see the healing of marriages through the bedroom and her website is designed to be a helpful resource tool for valued readers of her audience.

She blogs at:http://funmiakingbade.com

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1 Comment

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