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Failure, Hunger, Depression, Debts … Evangel Okafor Overcame Them All To Fulfill Her Dream Of Being A Nurse!

Congratulations to Evangel Okafor, who just graduated from medical school.

Narrating how she failed twice in school even after working hard at her academics, juggling school with work to cater for her siblings, Evangel is grateful for her breakthrough.

To everyone going through one form of failure or the other, be encouraged by Evangel’s story. Keep at it, your breakthrough will come one day.

Read her testimony

Yes I failed two classes! But I never gave up. I stopped comedy after I failed the first class, worked harder, focused more and still failed the second class. I had my graduation date pushed back by almost a year. I CRIED every night, went through period of depression and hopelessness thinking I have lost everything.

Living in USA with just my YOUNGER siblings with no financial support from Parents or relatives; life was difficult for us. we could barely eat 3 times a day, had a lot of past due bills, spent paychecks before they arrived and some days studied in a empty stomach.

Seeing my Younger siblings, 16yrs and 18yrs suffer, worked multiple jobs as a high schooler and college student to pay my school fees, rent and other bills was so DEPRESSING. I kept telling myself that the Lord that gave me ADMISSION will give me GRADUATION.

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The passion outweighed the obstacles, I kept pushing. It seemed Sooo IMPOSSIBLE, I never believed this day would come. This degree wasn’t easy for me to acquire. God knows I will cherish my career and be the very BEST NURSE Ever, serve, Care, show love, so much compassion and inspire people.

That Stethoscope on my neck and Smile means the world to me right now.
Please DONT stop working for what you want, even when things are not making sense, God is still working. He has a way of putting all the puzzles together. Everything you want in life is Doable. .

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1 Comment

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