For These Four Reasons, Aminat Habeeb Is Celibate



In a world and generation where sex before marriage is the norm, some people dare to be different by being celibate until they get married.

Amina, a fashion and media creative, who had her daughter at 18 years old, broke up with her daughter’s dad because she realized that as a christian, God didn’t want her to have sex outside marriage.

Its been 12 years of living a pretty normal and raising her daughter. According to Amina, you don’t have to have sex to survive or to prove freedom.

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In a chat with BBC Minute, Amina shares four reasons to consider celibacy.

  1. You learn how to have self control
  2. You’re free from the emotional stronghold that sex brings and you’re able to look at someone without the rose-tinted.
  3. You get to weed out all the annoying time wasters who just want to have sex with you.
  4. You get to have an amazing deep and intimate connection with someone without having to have sex with them


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