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Here Is Another Sad Reminder That Boys Are Being Sexually Abused Too, And Yes, It Can Have Life-Altering Impact


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Child sexual abuse around the world has been a female-dominant issue, but that does not mean that men are not being abused too, or that the sexual abuse of men do not deserve attention.

Researchers have found that at least 1 in 6 men have experienced sexual abuse or assault, whether in childhood or as adults. This is alarming!

Thankfully, more men are speaking out about their experiences and drawing attention to the issue. A twitter user, @TWEETORACLE shared how his school teacher sexually assaulted him and threatened him with death if he told anyone.

He wrote,

Parents need to be very careful with their kids NOT just their Daughters but their sons too. They need to be mindful of older ladies. I’d share my experience that i have never quite forgotten since i was a kid. Sexual Molestation of Boys is real and should be reported.

I attented a private secondary school. It was an elite school at the time. We had lots of teachers that just graduated from College of Education tutor and mentor the class., As one of the bright students in the class, it wasn’t long before the H.P.E (health & physical education) ..Teacher, a lady in her late twenties noticed me.

I was elected the Class Prefect and quite well known to every teacher as i would have to gather exercise books and take back to the staff room after tests and bring them back to the class when its marked.

So this Teacher is very VOLUPTOUS,as in the real sense of it and she knew it. I was very Innocent at the time but never missed how the boys talked lewdly about her. So she started by asking me to take the exercise books to her room in the staff Quarters not the staff room.

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I thought this was ODD but i couldn’t gather the nerves to question her about it, i was just a naive 14yr old good student obeying the teacher’s instruction. So i did this the first time, nothing, the second time, 3rd , 4th.. nothing happened. She wanted me to be comfy coming ..

..To her room. I must have been there like over a dozen times before she started revealing truest intent. First, i came to drop the exercise books as instructed and i knocked, she answered and motioned me to come inside. As soon as i entered, she was lying on the bed Topless..

I immediately looked away out of respect and told her that i should come back later.She stood up immediately and launched towards me, i froze on my tracks cos i have NEVER seen a topless woman in my life up to that point.I have sisters yes but u dont see them topless in the house

So as she came at me, i found myself looking condemned , staring at the floor, i was still small at the time, she was massively built and well endowed. She scopped my from the floor and the exercise books fell into a massive mess behind. She dropped me on the bed and got atop me

Then attempted to put her nipples into me mouth to suck.This was really trying for me,cos as much as i tried to resist i didnt want to offend her cos i dont know what she would do. If she accussed me of molesting her, no one would believe my side of the story. So i did what i cld

I clenched my teeth and she tried to force them open. Meanwhile, she forgot to lock her door as she was assaulting me on the bed. It took the sound of appearing footsteps for her to disengage and rush to look it… when she locked it she fully undressed.

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By then my throat had become dry in utter disbelief and embarrassment. My temperature rose to over 100 degrees celsius and i went on the floor begging her not to ‘harm’ me cos really in my mind i didn’t know what she planned. She asked me if i have had sex before and i said NO.

She looked quite shocked and proceeded to tell me how she had slept with up to 4 boys in the class and that they were quite good sexual partners.I told her i know nothing abt women & sex and truly i wasn’t lying. She said i shd undress so she can see my manhood, I couldn’t do that

That was when she became really pissed and wanted to do it by force, we started struggling but it was a fight i was destined to lose cos i was way way smaller than her. She quickly over powered me and yanked off my trousers to unveil a limp D. She started stroking it and tried..

I was resisting but the feeling started getting to me cos i have NEVER felt that way before. I knew it was wrong, so wrong but my resolve was quickly fading away. Alas ! The Unthinkable happened !! Someone knocked on her door

It was another Teacher, the one that Taught Mathematics, a hunk of a man, Sir P he was called, very articulate and very intelligent. She quickly hid under her bed and threw my uniform in there too and arranged herself to open the door.

She opened the door for him and they started kissing almost immediately and jumped on the bed.Till date, i have never felt the way i felt that day, i felt every thrust, every moan, every stale odour that emanated from that room. I was under that bed for 4hrs ,sweaty,angry,hungry

Until they finished, composed themselves and left the room. I gathered what’s left of my torn clothes and dressed up and went back to the class. Totally at loss what to make of what happened. Really shocked. I was mute for the rest of the day and days to come.

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I was so moved to either tell my siblings who were in the same sch with me at the time or tell my parents or report to the school authorities but i couldnt cos i thought i would be blamed for this. 3 days later, the H.P.E asked me for in the staff room, i was scared stiff

When i got there, she was smiling and pretending like nothing happened, she was telling all the other teachers that i was her little man crush and they all joked about it, she now whispered to my ears that if i told anyone what happened that day, she will KILL me and bury me

And seeing her with such a menacing look, i believed she could do it and so i kept my mouth shut till this day but never forgot how this messed me up so bad and i couldn’t open up to any girl that loved me, i kept pushing them away. I was really damaged on the inside as a result

And what made it worse was that i was so afraid to talk to anyone cos of the fear of being misuderstood and even entering the bad books of the teachers. So my people, its really not a good thing to experience at all. Sexual molestation is real and the world need to understand ..

That boys are also often sexually molested but no one takes it serious until they start exhibiting weird and aberrant behaviours later in life. Please develop a good communication with your kids so they can freely tell you what happens to them. It’s very important to know !

There is no day that i don’t search the internet looking for this H.P.E teacher cos i wanted to really tell her how what she did to me nearly ruined my life but i have never seen any digital foot print of her online so i have left it all to GOD and tried to forgive and forget.

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1 Comment

  1. Juliana Yahaya

    Juliana Yahaya

    October 23, 2018 at 7:00 pm

    Hmmmm, touching story, may God protect our children for us.

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