How A Newbie Figured Out All The Wrong Things She Was Doing In Business And How She Started To Win


Many women have good business ideas but lack the knowledge they need to make it work, that is why we give a thumbs-up to what this twitter user, @Amaa_official said about doing business the right way. In a series of tweets, Ama listed some of the ways entrepreneurs can win in business.

Read her tweets here,

You Are Doing Business All Wrong. How a newbie like me figured out all the wrong things I was doing when it came to started a business and how I started to win.

Find A Niche First, Build A Product/ Service Later: Knowing there is a large market with needs who are hungry and desperate to give someone their money to solve their problems is a lot better than having a product/service which nobody wants.

Do High ROI (Return On Investment) Activities Daily: If you’re not cold emailing, cold calling, promoting on social media or running paid ads daily, do not complain if you aren’t making any money. It’s a numbers game. The more you promote the more likely you are to earn

Building a Personal Brand can make you loads & loads of money. Now, for those of you who hate the phrase “Personal Brand” it’s another way of saying your Reputation. Build a reputation, build some authority in your niche and over time you can charge more for what you do

Why? Because your reputation proves you provide results or that you make people happy & make their lives better. With those receipts, why wouldn’t someone repurchase your product or services?

Building your business around a high income skill will make you more money long term. Building a high income skill will set you up for life. Copywriting for example literally teaches you sales & marketing at the same time. It teaches you how to convert existing traffic.

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Facebook ads teaches you how to attract & gain new traffic. Most businesses problems are 1. Lack of Traffic  2. Converting existing traffic. If you know 1 or more then your business has less to worry about and more money to make.

SEO, Social Media Marketing = attracting new traffic UX/UI = helps to convert existing traffic The list goes on

It’s Never Too Late To Pivot: Don’t think because you’ve started with 1 idea, you have to run with it forever. Businesses are supposed to pivot, change and evolve all the time. Don’t be afraid of change, embrace it especially if it makes your business better.

Pay for organised knowledge: All information is free. But we have TOO much information out there. Digging through google for 3 months isn’t worth it for free information. Pay for high quality packaged information or services that will help grow your business & save you time

Try to better your skill DAILY: The more practice you get, the more starter clients you earn, the more customers you acquire, overtime you become more valuable. Especially in a service business you can increase your prices because you are WORTH MORE!

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