“I’m going to be killing it in fashion, as a politician’s wife” – Stephanie Coker-Aderinokun




Media personality, Stephanie Coker is the latest cover star for The Cover of Accelerate TV, and there she talked about her career, marriage, her philanthropic works, among other things.

On being married to a politician

“My husband is at the moment campaigning to be a member of the house of representatives in Abeokuta. So, I’m a politician’s wife, which is quite cool, because I love giving a different look on what it is to do something, and I feel that in Nigeria, where we have so many elderly politicians- their wives are usually required to look and dress a certain way. You shouldn’t lose your personality once your other half is put in a position of power.

I am so glad that my husband is still the same man he was before we got married. He is still him, and has not tried to become something else, which I feel is important. So, I’m going to be killing it in fashion, as a politician’s wife.”

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on her philanthropic work

“I’m very big on philanthropy. I have a foundation called The Future Is Her and right now we are in our second year. You know there is a different feeling of fulfilment when you are helping people get on track to their final destination in life. As a mentor, I can actually equip them with the skills to help them achieve the vision they have for themselves.

I did a project with Ace Charity to teach five young girls how to code, and at the end of the day, they were all able to build websites. When you see the progress that these girls make and how impactful it is in their lives, the feeling is unexplainable. I continue on this project because it is all about the footprint I leave and how I impact others.

I also do a brunch, where we invite girls interested in specific fields to sit down and have a talk with ladies leading in their industry, to talk about their journey, their challenges and how they overcame. As much as we like to preach women empowerment, we need to start at a younger age at the grassroots level- how can I help you? What do you need? How can I help you alleviate your family from poverty?

It’s not about dressing up in a suit and going to conference shouting, WOMEN EMPOWERMENT! It’s about getting up as a younger generation and taking action.”


Watch the interview below


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