“It Is Time For Men To Read Women. It Is Time To Bring An End To That Question, “What Do Women Want?” – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


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Women everywhere are sharing stories of sexual harassment and gender inequality but men are not really listening, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie says, at the 2018 Frankfurt book fair.

The Frankfurt book fair is the world’s most important gathering for the print and digital content business, as well as an outstanding social and cultural event. And 2018 marks its 70th year running!

While speaking at this year’s fair, Chimamanda touched on the #MeToo movement. According to her, there is still so much to be done as women’s stories are still not heard even though they are speaking.

She said,

All over the world today, women are speaking up, the stories are still not really heard. It is time for us to pay more than lip service to the fact that women’s stories are for everyone, not just women.

We know from studies that women read books by men and women but men read books by men. It is time for men to read women. It is time to bring an end to that question, “What do women want?” because it is time for all of us to know that women simply want the full members of the human family.

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There is a big gap in the imaginative space of so many people in the world today. There’s an inability to feel empathy for women because the stories of women are not truly familiar or seen as universal. This to me is why we seem to live in a world where  many people seem to believe that large numbers of women can simply wake up one day and make up stories of having being assaulted.

I know may women who want to be famous. I don’t know one single woman who wants to be famous for having being assaulted. To believe this, is to think very lowly of women.

Women are invisible. Women’s experiences are still invisible.

Watch her speak below

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