Joyce Olawunmi Adegoke: 5 Common Fears That Prevent People from Taking Steps on Their Ideas


One of the common reason why most ideas never get to fruition is because people are too afraid of starting small. Many a times, they just want to blow with their big ideas without following the first principle of success- Starting small. Obviously, what keeps most people laid back on their idea is that they are afraid of one thing or the other.

In this post, I have shared 5 genuine fears people have in starting out on their ideas, and also, possible ways to face them.

Fear of the unknown

This is one of the most hindering fear people have when they want to start out on an idea. They keep asking all what if questions and no sooner than later, reason out the possibility of executing it. I know this kind of fear feels very genuine, but many a times, it is baseless. Just because you don’t know what lies at the other side doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take action. Great men are those who stepped out of their comfort zone and did what others were too afraid to do.

Fear of not being an expert

Permit me to say that all the champions and great leaders in different fields were one time amateurs. But the reason why they are celebrated today, is because they preserved and kept working at becoming better at what they do. From being amateur they were able to build on to becoming professionals. If you have an idea to start off a vision, all you need know is the basic knowledge of it that you can build on. Instead of being afraid of what your initial skill level was, keep learning on how you too can do better.

Fear of failing

This type of fear is one of the reasons why most people never take action on their idea. They keep thinking the idea will fail and hence they never take off. Let’s face it, any genuine idea is aimed at solving a problem. However, it will always be accompanied with challenges, as we know, nothing good comes easy. There will be times when you will fail on your journey, times you won’t even understand how things will play out, but you need to keep believing in that idea to make it work. Bottom line, believe in the possibility.

Fear of not having the full picture

Another reason why most people are afraid of starting out on an idea is, they want to first have the full big picture. The honest truth is that, life’s journey map is handed to us as at certain junctions as we keep moving. There isn’t a comprehensive blue print written somewhere on what you will encounter /achieve per time.

Although, it is very good to have a well taught out strategy on an idea before launching out, but most often than not, your strategies will change with time. Do not let the desire for perfection stop you from taking initial simple steps.

Fear of people not believing in them 

I can tell you personally from experience that waiting for others’ approval before starting out on an idea is good way to waste time and useful energy. I am not negating the fact that having great friends who believe in you and support your vision will go a long way in motivating you. Nonetheless, your self-believe shouldn’t be tied to that. Being afraid of what people will or won’t say only makes you always dependent on them to run your life.

Once you have carefully sat down to plan, think and strategize on an idea, have the courage to start out. You need to have self- believe in yourself that is large enough to carry you through.

In Conclusion, Simon Sineks’ quote sums it all up, ‘Dream big, start small, but most of all, Start’’

If you have a vision, an idea, and something to do, take that bold step today by Doing-It-Afraid.


I am Adegoke Olawunmi Joyce.  I work as a Research and Product Developer at an IT firm in Lagos State. I am an inspirational writer/ blogger @joyceolawunmi.com, budding Public speaker and Self- development coach. I am passionate about helping people live better lives by taking simple steps daily.  I currently run an online reading group ‘’ 30 Days Reading Challenge’’ where I help people develop/ revive their reading habit.  I believe that the best way to live is to ”Love God and serve Humanity”
My IG: joyceolawunmi_blog
My Facebook: Adegoke Wumi




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