She Is a Mother and an Entrepreneur, Here Is How She Balances Both


A mother and a business woman @tedadesigns is teaching us how to slay both in the world of motherhood and business. Sometimes, we tend to neglect one while catering for the other, @tedadesigns shares tips on how to balance both.

She wrote,

Being a mom and a business owner, I understand the challenges of building a strong business and managing a family. At times, it’s difficult to decide whom to attend to first — a crying baby or a client call?

It difficult at first, (I must say) but I have really learnt and still keep learning the art of being a successful mumpreneur. So let me share some tips on how I get to balance these:

1) Build a solid team: Just imagine am the one designing my collections, sew it, do the marketing, answer clients calls and messages, and also manage my deliveries. Am very sure I’ll probably the typing this from a sick bed.  So, build a reliable and solid team with people who have the skills you lack.

2) Realistic target: We all want to make six figures daily, I know, but is it realistic? Setting an unrealistic target will only result in unnecessary pressures.

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3) Create A Routine For Yourself (But Allow For Flexibility): Plan your day, hour by hour. We all have a big plan(s) for our business, so break it down to smaller goals that are achievable, this has helped me enormously, checking at the end of the day if I have or have not achieved my goal. It also allows me to see more clearly if I’m forgetting something important. But you have to give room for flexibility, and also Able To Roll With Life’s Punches, have to be OK with failing to meet those goals from time to time. Start by making sure that your goals are realistic

4) Don’t Forget Self-Care: It’s very easy to get entangled with work stress, and being a mom that you will forget to take good care of yourself, (Healthwise, physically and mentally). Come on!

5) Always do a rain check: Multitasking seems like it was designed for those of us balancing a company and a child, but trying to do both roles at once can easily result in doing neither role well. So do a check and balance
Huh! This is a long one, hope it was helpful!

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