She Wanted To Be A Model, She Wanted To Be An Actress And Many Other Things – Here Is Sola Allyson’s Journey To Finding Her Calling In Music


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Gospel singer, Sola Allyson continues to inspire and educate younger people with her life’s story. In a recent Instagram post, Sola talked about how she wanted to be many other things until she finally yielded to her life’s purpose.

She wrote,

Sometime in my 20s, I wanted to be a model. I put in for M-Net Face of Africa that was a big thing then, I don’t know about now whether it’s still on. I can’t remember the terms they use, I had (still have ) the frame, figure, height, dentition, gait and all that, but I had (have) marks on my face! Ha!!! It pained me!! I cried!! I was trying to make a meaning out of my life, but was rejected, again!

I was already singing, professionally, but was looking for more.

I tried to be many things. I worked many years as a Secretary, I was very effective and my Bosses liked me. My Typewriting/Shorthand was 80/120 words per minute. I was really accurate, I was/still an A in English, my Bookkeeping/Accounting was accurate and my comportment was 100%!

I wanted to be an actress, one popular Uncle at that time was asking me for what I wasn’t going to give, so I ran away. At a time, I was going to National Theatre everyday for rehearsals for a stage play; I still don’t know how I survived that time, no hope, no food but passion! Ha!

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I auditioned to be a Newscaster in a TV house. I tried to dance but it felt somehow, not because Dance is bad, it’s an honorable art, but it just didn’t feel right with me. I ventured into selling things, see, story yen pò gan! The experiences left indelible impressions on me sha, I developed strength, character and resilience. I got conscious of GOD in the affairs of my life. I am grateful for those times.

Hmm, eni ò mo’bi mo ti nbo!

I am here today, having found my real purpose, still growing and very intentional about actualizing the essence of this purpose, but always deeply thankful for the journey. Keep on, o you my kind, the labyrinth is leading somewhere. Òkùnkùn a tán, Ìmólè á tàn. Your crooked path shall be made straight. Be encouraged!

So, who is going to sign me on? I want to relaunch my modelling career o!😚 O sì ńjà l’ara mi! It’s still in the body! Just that I’ll be singing spiritual songs on the runway!


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