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She Was Abused, Her Sister Was Abused, Their Mother Knew But Did Nothing To Protect Them


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It is sad that a woman will go to any length to keep her marriage at the expense of her own children. In the guise of saving the family name from shame, many African parents have sabotaged the happiness and the mental health of their children. Unfortunately, the vicious cycle continues if healing doesn’t take place.

A woman, @Zamandelu tweeted how she was abused but her mother did nothing to protect her.

Read her story below

I don’t have a relationship with my mother because she allowed me and my sister to be abused and refused to stop it. She protected our abuser and told us to leave her house if we wanted to report it. My sister and I are now both adults suffering from Depression.

Relatives were aware of what was going on but non of them said anything, it carried on for years!

She broke us down, we were kids man! How do you tell your daughter who had to endure bullying at school come home to be told that she’s fat and useless! We had no where to run!

For the longest time I suffered with low self esteem and as an adult I’ve been trying to overcompensate by wearing less clothes so I can get compliments and feel sexy and beautiful! Sucks isn’t it

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Then you get a people who judge you because of your choices without understanding the real story. “It’s not that deep” Twitter savages say. When someone commits suicide then y’all are quick with the Rest in power garbage!

Don’t worry though, I got help, the end of each day is a victory against Depression because I’m still alive!

Black parents believe that as long as they are buying food and putting clothes on your back bona will always be right and you have no right to question them

I have a son and I tell him that I love him everyday and that he is the best thing in the world, I don’t want him to ever wonder if I love him or not! I’m not about to facilitate this vicious cycle! Not in my name

I did ask her once and she saw nothing wrong and my abuser replied with LOL when I told him of the pain he caused me. I left.

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