Why Abosede Afolashade Dressed In Full Yoruba Wear And Rode A Stallion On South London High Street


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Dressed in the full Yoruba traditional attire, Abosede Afolashade sat on the back of a gallant stallion as it struts through the streets of South London. It is a scene from a short film “Entitled” by filmmaker Adeyemi Michael, Abosede Afolashade is his mother.

Michael’s mother, Afolashade Abosede was born in Nigeria but she immigrated to the United Kingdom, 30 years ago. For 25 years, she worked somewhere and she was made to feel like she wasn’t enough. That affected her confidence and her son decided to do something about it.

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With the short film “Entitled” Michael  reinstated his mum’s confidence and reminded her of who she really is. It  has now been selected to be screened this week at the 2018 BFI London Film Festival.

“They give birth, they build families, they build the world. All our mothers are queens and are leading the universe. It felt like a duty to me to celebrate the woman, the mother, the matriarch, the immigrant” he told BBC.

Michael’s short film aims to impress on the hearts of people that all immigrants are conquerors.

Watch the full video here


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