5 Things Kemi Adetiba Was Told Not To Do For King Of Boys Movie But She Did And Still Won!


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Film and music director, Kemi Adetiba is over the moon as her movie, “King of Boys” has been rated the Number one film in Nigeria right now.

The movie is also said to have the biggest opening week for a non-comedy Nollywood film; 2nd highest opening week of a Nollywood film in 2018 and the 2nd highest opening week by a female director.

The movie, which hit the cinemas in October have had great reviews from people who have seen it. In fact, the showing time, which is between late in the evening till late at night, didn’t discourage people as tickets are always said to be sold out.

However, these testimonies wouldn’t have come if Kemi had listened to naysayers who advised her against doing the ‘abnormal.’ In an Instagram post, Kemi listed the five things she was asked not to do but went ahead to do it.

Now, she is encouraging people to believe in themselves!

She wrote,

1) Don’t do a non-comedy film. They don’t sell in this country.
2) Don’t make your lead character a woman. It will put people off.
3) Don’t do a film with over 50% of the Dialogue in Nigerian language. It won’t work.
4) You can’t put an almost 3 hour movie in the cinemas. The audacity of it !!! When it’s not Avengers or Lord of the Rings. No one will go to watch. You must really think you’re some auteur or something. When you’re not Steven Spielberg or Woody Allen.
5) You can’t put an almost 3 hour movie in the cinemas. You’ll have limited showings in a day and you won’t make any money.
@kingofboysmovie answer: Number 1 movie in Nigeria and West Africa (INCLUDING over every HOLLYWOOD film in the cinema right now)
Take home of the day… BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!! GOD IS GOOD!!! #KOBSeason#KOBFEVER

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1 Comment

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