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“A Guilt I Can’t Even Put To Words” – Caroline Talks About Loosing Her Two Babies to Alcoholism


Caroline has lost jobs. She has lost friendships. She has lost good relationships. But her greatest regret is that she lost two babies to taking alcohol.

For 18 years, Caroline struggled with alcohol addiction and she lost two babies through miscarriages caused by alcohol. Many years later, she still carries the guilt around.

A toxic relationship triggered Caroline’s drinking to stupor. Alcohol was something she took once in a while but being in that relationship soon made it a regular thing. It became so bad that she was involved in near-death situations, near-rape situations but always escapes them.

Two months into her first pregnancy for her abusive boyfriend, Caroline started bleeding. She almost lost her life during that time because the foetus wasn’t evacuated until one month later, when she had money to go to the hospital.

She got pregnant again for the same man and this time, the pregnancy didn’t even last as she miscarried it almost immediately.  That was when Caroline knew she needed to change, so, she decided to go into rehab and she returned a better person.

To free herself from the guilt she carries around, Caroline decided to share her secret with a childhood friend.

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Watch her talk about it here



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