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“After Spending More Than N11 Million On IVF Treatments My Husband And I Finally Complete Our Family With A Set Of Twins”- Omotade Alalade


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Before she had her first son, Omotade Alalade dealt with some fertility challenges and even got pregnant with twins but lost them in a miscarriage. Some years later, her first son, who is now four years old was born. However, Omotade, who always wanted four children earnestly begged God for more.

Today, Omotade, who is the founder of Beibei Haven, a support group for women trying to conceive, announced the arrival of her twins.

The good Lord had restored what she lost! Congratulations to her!

She shared her story on her Instagram page.

On the journey

This time last year I was in tears because I had been waiting for a baby. I knew I started getting really sad about it when I saw a friend heavily pregnant without advance notice. I got back home, went on my knees crying and started begging God. On my Birthday last year I was like you know what I am going to put God on the spot on social media in front of so many I cared about asking him to show himself. I wanted 4 children and the devil wanted me to settle for 1. I’m like NO…. that’s not my promise.

As I was posting on social media God gave me the conviction to not just pray for myself but pray for others as well….. Every Thursday we pray for women trying to conceive. To be honest once we started I stopped praying for myself when I saw the magnitude of prayer requests. See me one year later. I can’t possibly write my testimony now because it’s too long. But today I just want to praise God for the magnitude of blessings he’s not just given my family.
Agbani labatan ooo….. O se Baba 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Never settle when you have the Almighty on your side.

On the birth of her twins

After spending more than N11 million on IVF treatments my husband and I finally complete our family with a set of twins. @tadealalade has TWINSSS ooooo 😭😭. This post would be too long if I start going into details on what I’ve been through trying to conceive. It’s bad enough I more or less had no choice but to conceive through IVF but when you start having multiple miscarriages and having to deal with the fact that my husband and I are AS, it takes my journey to another level. I found out we were both AS after we got married (I’m still trying to decide if it would have made a difference if I found out before).

The amount of tears I cried during my journey can fill an ocean. Majority of the tears came when I lost a set of twins (boy and girl) late in a pregnancy. That was when I truly knew what depression was. Now my lord God finally completes my family with a set of twins. TWINSSSSS 😭😭😭. Gosh my God is too awesome!!! He can truly move mountains. Absolutely nothing is too big for him. I cry every time I realise how merciful the lord is. I pray every single married woman experiences the kind of joy I’m feeling. Thank you Father 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

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