Before You Go for a Cosmetic Surgery, You May Need to Read Georgina Onuoha’s Note


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Following the story of a US-based woman, who is on life support with brain damage after she traveled to a clinic in Mexico for several plastic surgery procedures including a nose job and breast implant replacement, Georgina Onuoha is urging people to make proper findings before going under the knife for a cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery is becoming more popular in Nigeria and while there are different reasons for doing it, there may be consequences if it is done by inexperienced surgeons.

Georgina wants people contemplating on the procedure to put a number of things into consideration before going ahead.

She wrote,

Warning to all my sisters crazy about big butts. While you contemplate having that waist, breast and buttocks snatching. Be careful! There is nothing wrong in a woman’s decision to enhance their beauty either post pregnancy, post traumatic event or to correct some deficiencies. While you make these decisions consult with the best, weigh the side effects and the long term consequences. Any idiot can set up a surgery center, have you done your due diligence by checking if these folks are board certified? If they have liability insurance in case anything goes wrong?

Ignorance is no excuse.. If majority of you know the consequences associated plastic surgery let alone anyone done wrong, you will seek professional help and consults before reaching such conclusion to go under the knife. The greatest killer post surgery is INFECTION, let alone in Nigeria where we have zero guidelines and rules governing health care let alone plastic/cosmetic surgery. Are the equipments used on you well sterilized? Fake Beauty comes at a cost.. 10 years from now, I hope you don’t regret being botched.

Personal responsibility is important. An informed patient is an empowered patient. If you have to go enlarge you butts, go to board certified plastic surgeons. Don’t follow trends you cannot keep up with 10 years from now. Remember we lost a former First Lady due to complications from plastic surgery in Marbella Spain. While they do fat transplants, use silicone and raise your muscles to perform all these shenanigans! Remember side effects and Adverse Effects. I hope none of you face any sentinel events.

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