Joyce Olawunmi Adegoke: My Name Is Ada


My name is Ada
Ada is a name given to me by my mother
From her deep rich Igbo language
As the first girl born to her

Ada has different meanings
From the Hebrew word ‘’Adah’’
It means Adornment
But in my mother’s tongue,  Nobility

Ada is a name I have borne
For over my 20 plus years on earth
I have not only borne it as a name
I have also carried the responsibilities that come with the name

Ada , you are a mother in the making
I can’t count how many times I hear this
From Mom and Big aunties
But little do they know
That this statement puts so much weight on my tiny shoulders

So my name is Ada
This is my little life
I have 2  sisters and 2 macho brothers
And a lovely family I tend to

My Ada roles place so many expectations on my shoulders
And every day I am reminded
On why I cannot disappoint my family
Simply because, my name is ADA

Don’t touch this, don’t touch that
Ada, you are the model in the home
Your younger ones look up to you
As the relatable model, they should see

Ada, your virginity is a lesson
You have to remain pure in words and actions
And even when you get angry
You must always tread with caution

Ada, you must work hard and earn some
But your money must be evenly distributed
For you came to the world first
To be a support to your parents

Ada, your beauty must be kept modest
Your speech must always be kept pure
For you do not live for yourself alone
But for the many others that look up to you

Ada, your business sense has to be high up
You must always act with wisdom
You must be caring to a fault
You must be homely and comely

Ada, you are a shoulder to be leaned on
And whilst you still have your own sorrows deep within
You must always remember that your name Ada,
Isn’t just a name, but a designation
That you have to uphold in truth


I am Adegoke Olawunmi Joyce.  I work as a Research and Product Developer at an IT firm in Lagos State. I am an inspirational writer/ blogger @joyceolawunmi.com, budding Public speaker and Self- development coach. I am passionate about helping people live better lives by taking simple steps daily.  I currently run an online reading group ‘’ 30 Days Reading Challenge’’ where I help people develop/ revive their reading habit.  I believe that the best way to live is to ”Love God and serve Humanity”
My IG: joyceolawunmi_blog
My Facebook: Adegoke Wumi







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