On Raising Your Sons So They Don’t Become a Burden to Someone’s Daughter Later


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Father and son enjoying a moment

Raising children is hard but it is more difficult to raise a well-rounded child if there is no support and co-operation from both parents.

Noting that our generation know better than our parents’, this twitter user, Ada Akunne is of the opinion that women have to do better in raising their sons. She urged women to consider the kind of family they want before they settle down with their spouse.

She tweeted,

I hate that I have to direct this to women/mothers but I’m also very realistic. You see these men that can’t do a damn thing for themselves or for anyone else for that matter? You see them?

These are sons of women like you. They became that way because their mothers didn’t put in the work. Before you get all riled up and tell me “their fathers nko” that’s a generation that can’t really be helped at this time. Let’s leave that one.

But like it or not, if you don’t INTENTIONALLY raise self sufficient and emphatic little boys, you are doing them and the women in their future a disservice. And this is why your choice of partner is VERY important.

You can’t have someone that will sabotage all the good work you’re doing by telling Emeka to leave the plates you’ve asked him to wash because it’s “for girls” or discourage Kayode when he seems to enjoy cooking or call Usman a sissy because he cried.

It makes NO sense to get angry at the men you see now and pass on these same problems to the next generation of women. It’s wickedness. Raise your sons so they don’t become a burden to someone’s daughter later. Y’all know better, so do better.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. thecenterstrit@gmail.com'


    December 2, 2018 at 7:24 pm

    This is absolute fact!.
    I recently asked a friend, who raised all these useless men that abound today.
    Although its true that both men and women should raise the kids together but due to circumstances, women mostly end up doing the raising,
    instilling morals etc.
    So why can’t we just put in the effort and raise these kids properly?
    For every action, there`s always a negative or positive reaction.
    Unfortunately, these men pose problems for other women and their daughters.
    May our daughters do not fall into the hands of such men.

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