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The Heartfelt Story Behind Odinachi Chiji-Okoye’s Recreation Of Her Late Mother’s Photos


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To mark her mother’s post-humous birthday, 25-year old Odinachi Chiji-Okoye recreated some of the pictures her mother took before her death.

With over 40, 000 likes and 8000 retweets on twitter, the pictures went viral as many people wondered at Odinachi’s resemblance to her late mother.

Odinachi  lost her mother to brain cancer when she was just 12 years old. And as she grew and noticed that she had a striking resemblance to her, it reminded her so much of how she lost the beautiful relationship she had with her mother to death.

But with time, Odinachi embraced the striking resemblance and began to love it. So, to mark her mum’s birthday on October 27, Odinachi decided on recreating her final photos. But the night before she posted the pictures, she almost gave up on the idea because she didn’t want the world to pity her. However, she was shocked at the reaction the pictures got when she posted them.

“I was overwhelmed! It was amazing. I shed a tear or two knowing that the world was honoring this day with me. I got calls from a lot of people, telling me I was everywhere. Posting the pictures made me realize it’s not just about falling, it’s about how you pick yourself up. I realized I am stronger than I thought I was, and the world didn’t pity me, the world encouraged me. I am grateful for all the words of encouragement I got from people. I really am.”

“It took courage to post those pictures, and to let the world know that my mom is my super hero. She was an amazing woman. She really was”  she told INSIDER.



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    Joy Akinbuli

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