Menstrual & Vaginal Care

Menstrual & Vaginal Care: This Is Why It Sometimes Smell Funky Down There During Your Menstruation


Your period is a mixture of a blood and uterine lining tissues; it is not strange that this will have some odor when it comes out of the vagina, especially when it has come in contact with bacteria from the vagina, air and sweat.

Practicing good hygiene can help to reduce normal period odors and make you more comfortable during the period.
The best way to reduce the smell is to change your pad frequently because the more blood builds up in the pad, the stronger the smell becomes.

Also, wash the outside of your vajayjay with warm water whenever you change your pad. Please avoid douching, as the process can get rid of healthy vaginal bacteria and lead to infection.

Also stay away from harsh soaps, wipes and sprays that can cause irritation to your vagina area.

While period odor is completely normal, if you notice any unusual odors accompanied by the following symptoms, then you need to see your doctor.

• Burning during urination
• itchiness
• vaginal discharge outside of menstrual bleeding
• yellow or green vaginal fluids
• bleeding that’s heavier than normal
• cramps that are worse than normal
• Fever

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