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We Are Praying For Kechi Okwuchi As She Goes For More Surgeries To Make Life Easier!


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Kechi Okwuchi is one of the two survivors of the Sosoliso Plane crash that killed 107 people in 2005. She suffered third degree burns of over 65 percent of her body and has had undergone more than 100 surgeries, including skin grafts.

In July this year, Kechi hit the beach in her bikini and shared the pictures on her Instagram page, noting that she feels more body confident even with her scars.

But over a decade after the accident and surgeries, Kechi still feels physical pain from her scars.

“When I blink and when I close my eyes, one eye does not close completely. One of my ears… I don’t have a lobe. I can’t stretch my arms the way I want to. The biggest challenge is my neck, if I can get even more of an extension there and there’s a chance to do that, I’ll take it” she tells ExtraTV.

To help her, the producers of ExtraTV teamed up with a medical team.

“Kechi feels her right cheek is more full than her left cheek. I feel like I might be able to diminish some of these fat in the right side of her face. I plan to release some scars along her neck to give her the ability to extend her head more fully as well as some attempt to release some scars at the side of her eyes that is currently impacting her ability to see at the sides and also making her eyes look smaller than the other. Kechi is also unable to fully close her eyes. Kechi does not not have much available tissues from her entire body. Its going to be a big challenge to see what we can do,” Dr. Andrew Frankel, a celebrity cosmetic surgery, who is going to be treating Kechi says.

Her first surgery, which took four hours, was aimed at treating her eyelids and ear lobe. She can now also turn her neck.

“This is the most exciting thing that has ever happened in my face,” Kechi says after her first surgery.

The next reconstruction surgery for Kechi is to treat her arm.

“The injuries that she sustained to her hands are quite significant and she has learnt to manage how to use her hands, but there’s a limitation in her reach of motion, how she can spread her hands and how she can grasp things. Her fingernails have been injured to the point where they grow in a way that is very problematic. So, we are going to work on removing those nails. We are going to open up the spaces between her fingers,” Dr. Peter Grossman, who will be doing this surgery said.

Just as Dr. Peter Grossman noted, Kechi’s healing journey is a process!

We Wish her the best and a quick healing as she gets the help she has always prayed for.

Watch her here

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