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10 Naija Women Share One Thing They Are Happy They Have Achieved This Year


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They may be small, they may seem insignificant to others, but to these women, they are huge achievements. Media personality, Uriel Oputa asked her Instagram followers to share what has made them proud as women and we read many beautiful responses.

We extracted 10 responses


I have been able to get a B.Sc and Masters degree, while I run my event decorations company and take care of my siblings and father as I stand in place of my mother all before the age of 25. I have been able to pay one or two persons from my event decorations company, I believe I’m making a difference in my own little way. Making a difference is in the little things we do to motivate ourselves and others.


Waking up each day at 4am to prepare the kids’ meal and get them ready for the day; going back to my phone, trying to make a living for myself while taking care of my infant all alone; running my NGO just to make a change in people’s lives is an achievement to me.Making sure I feed the security guys working in my estate for the past 4years since I moved there is also an achievement to me.


My inspiration for starting my business was as a result of the loss of my mum to cancer. Her demise awakened a business whose goal is to be the missing link in healthy living. My achievement will be channeling my energy to helping others conquer diet issues by giving access to “from farm to table”


Starting my business and nurturing it to where we are is the biggest achievement. Seeing myself through school even after losing my first business during Jos 2010 crisis, I never gave up. I’m proud to start up with my little savings and grow to where I am.


Seeing myself through school without financial support from anybody, and coming out with a very good grade despite being a working mother is one thing I’m proud of


Overcoming anxiety, depression and not losing my mind every time something wrong happens is an achievement and making some drastic decisions,like(closing down my business and deciding to continue my education is huge achievement for me ) because I know at the end, all these would pay off.


Having a child at my teenage years made me who I am today. Some see it as a mistake but I took it as a stepping stone to success even though I have reached where I’m aiming at but I struggled all the way. Seeing other women struggle to have a child and build a home made me develop interest and fulfillment in becoming a surrogate mother. Seeing them smile with their kids with great joy in their hearts, being able to hold a child of their own blood like every other woman is like my greatest achievement in life.


Having trained my self from the time I wrote my WAEC to Diploma and my University degree is an achievement. Having to insist my baby brother attends seminary school even when I know my parents couldn’t afford it, so I had to pay my fees and also pay 70% of his fees and now he is in SS3. Having to attend to my mum who had a major leg amputation even most times I want to give up. Not letting my dream of becoming successful because of my background die is one of my greatest achievement. Having successfully organize little Miss Valentine Nigeria for three consecutive times with little or no sponsor is an achievement. Fighting my depression is an achievement.


Starting my own business at age 20 and paying rent in Lagos, striving to further more academically and being able to pay few people anytime they work for me is my achievement for now. Because I’m able to put food on their table with the little we make. My greatest achievement is being able to reach out to the needy especially the elderly ones, who have no one to support them.


Going back to the university to start all over again after finding out I was given a fake admission in my 300 level. I am so proud of myself that I didn’t give up. I am now in 200 level.

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