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5 Naija Women Tell Us The Biggest Lessons They Have Learnt This Year


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Its few days to the end of 2018 and the year has been both eventful and challenging. The year has also taught us some things we would be taking with us to the new year.

We asked some Naija women, the greatest lessons they have learnt this year and we got responses from 5 women.


  1. Speak up: Get help with whatever issues you have instead of constantly dwelling on how terrible it is and how it makes you feel. It won’t go away that way. E.g. I used to get serious email anxiety with work emails. Spoke with my counselor, took his advice to heart. Better now.
  2. If you’re going to do something that you think some people will not approve of, do it with your chest. E.g. discussing upfront about payment for my spoken word performances, instead of hoping they had taken care of my transportation, at least. First person I asked got upset and didn’t invite me anymore. He’s been the only one so far.


This year, I learnt to run my own race.

This lesson came after my wedding. I got married this year and during the preparations, my husband’s family left him to carry all of the responsibilities. Meanwhile, during his elder brother’s wedding, everything was provided for, including the outfit she wore for the events.

At a point during my own preparations, my husband’s family made it known that they were not going to contribute anything. It was so painful but I just kept calm. After the wedding, my mother in-law called my mum and apologized for how they behaved. According to her, they didn’t expect me to be calm about everything.

For me, it just taught me to run my own race because I could have decided to outshine my brother in-law’s wedding by all means, thereby, incurring debts that could be avoided.


I learnt that I can trust myself. I’ve survived so much and I will survive whatever is coming next.  I also learnt that I don’t need a lot of things to be happy. I realized that all I really want is to live a simple life without worry or stress.


The biggest lesson I learnt this year is not to force anything; conversations, friendship, attention and love. Anything forced is not worth fighting for. Whatever flows, flows, what crashes, crashes. It is what it is.


The greatest lesson I learnt this year is that, knowing God personally is important. No matter how connected your pastor is to God, no matter how fire-branded he is, it is important that I know God for myself. Because a time will come in one’s life that only one’s personal relationship with God will sustain a person.

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