Adesua Etomi-Wellington, Lala Akindoju and Waje Respond To The Two Men Who Said Children Are Sexual Beings


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”Sometimes you go to the mall and you see a child of 5, you see a child of 7, walking round and you see their parents there, walking behind and they are like, ‘oh, those are my kids,’ sometimes what those children are wearing is revealing and nauseating”, one man said on a TV Show.

As the female host cut him short to note that a child is not a sexual being, the other male guest said,”How is a child not a sexual being?”

This video has stirred a discussion on the excuses people give for rape. According to many women, who are shocked by what the men said, being fully clothed doesn’t stop a pedophile from molesting a child. Sadly, some still believe that children have to dress properly to avoid being molested.Reading these discussions is both scary and annoying and it reveals that our society is no longer safe for children.

Celebrities, Adesua Etomi-Wellington, Lala Akindoju and Waje shared their opinion and we totally agree with them.



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