“Asking Me Why I Am A Muslim When I Don’t Ask You Why You Are A Christian Is A Bit Offensive” – Lola OJ


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Lola Oj is the latest guest on DANGMonolgue, a series which shares the firsthand stories of people we thought we really know, and the media personality talks about her journey into finding her own

Lola was born into a family where her mother is a Christian and her father, a Muslim. Growing up, Lola found herself going to church and the mosque simultaneously and she was quite comfortable with it.

When she traveled out of the country for her education, she practiced Christianity as her school was a Christian school. In fact, she was a part of the choir. But as Lola grew older, she decided to find out more about religion and what she believed in.

In her quest to know more, Lola studied Rastafarianism, Buddhism, Hinduism, atheism and finally settled for Islam. For Lola, that was the religion that she understood and then decided to stick to it.

In this episode, she talks about choosing her religion and the reactions of people to it.

People always assume that I am a Christian and when I tell them I am a Muslim, they tell me that I need to come to their church. Than, I tell them its no problem if they can come to my mosque. Then you just get, “Oh no, I can’t go to the mosque”.

I don’t understand why because up till today, I still go to people’s church if you’re doing a thanksgiving, a birthday or you need some emotional support. I’m that friend, I will be at your church because I’m comfortable and confident in my faith and what I believe in. I don’t feel like if I go to a church, it going to change my mind.

So, when I invite people to the mosque when my family is doing a function, you realise that no one turns up apart from my Yoruba people that understands the dynamics.

People are scared of the things they don’t know and what I want people to understand is that just because its not normal to you does not mean that its not normal to somebody else. So, rather than get defensive and ask people all these questions, just listen, understand their vibe and don’t ever feel that you’re in a position where you know more than someone based on a choice you made in life.

Asking me why I am a Muslim when I don’t ask you why you are a Christian is a bit offensive. I just feel that people need to understand and respect people’s choices and people’s space. And if you have a question, there’s a manner which you will do it which will be welcome.


Watch her speak here

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