Bolu Babalola Met Michael B. Jordan For Real After Their Photoshopped Picture Went Viral


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Twitter is fast becoming a very useful tool in getting jobs, reconnecting with friends and doing many other things. All you need to get whatever you want are retweets.

Leveraging on the power of the platform, Bolu Babalola, a Nigerian writer from London tweeted a photoshopped photo of herself with Hollywood actor, Michael B. Jordan, asking people to help her connect with him.

In a chat wit BuzzFeed News, Bolu said her friend photoshopped the picture while jeering her about her crush on the actor.

“Obviously I have a crush on Michael B. Jordan. Everybody who likes men has a crush on Michael B. Jordan, but in my group chat, it is known that I *very much* have a crush on Michael B. Jordan. When I saw the viral tweet about the girl who lost touch with an old friend, a few days ago I literally, in a split second thought it would be funny to spoof it with that picture,” Bolu said.

Days after her tweet on Michael B. Jordan went viral, she had the opportunity to ask him a question at a movie premiere, where she also told him she was the girl in the viral tweet.

“Michel, I don’t know if you know what’s gone viral recently,” she said. “Some weird girl photoshopped a picture of you with a picture of her and said you had a little romance this summer, and it kind of went viral. I’m the girl” she said to the surprise of other people in the room.

After the event, Bolu had the opportunity to take a real picture with the actor.

The actor also acknowledged their meeting.


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