Do You Feel Like Life Is Passing You By? Tana Adelana’s Personal Story Will Inspire You to Reinvent Yourself and Never Give Up!


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In another episode of DANGMonolgue, a series which shares the firsthand stories of people we thought we really know, Tana Adelana shares her story as a former TV presenter.

Tana started her career as a model in 1999, when she was still a secondary school student. In 2001, she became a TV presenter and she was doing exceptionally well at the time.

“I was flying everywhere. South-Africa, Kenya, Ghana. I did major shows for M-Net. I was the first Nigerian on Channel O. I hosted Big Brother Africa eviction show. I was the Nigerian representative. At some point, I did a little bit of Studio 53.. I can’t even remember the names of all the shows that I did but it was massive. It was huge. I was making money. I was everywhere. It was a fantastic time for me.”

And then, it was time to get married and have children. Tana had her children consecutively and by the time she went back into the industry, she had been “left behind”

“I thought it was gonna be a walk in the park. Just go, have your kids, its gonna be fine. But this is entertainment industry, once you look left or right, the train is gonna move and the train will move so fast that you may not be able to catch up because things are changing. What you were used to is no longer what is obtainable.”

Tana managed to get a show but it wasn’t the same with her. she felt she had lost her beauty and personality as a result of childbearing. After the birth of her second child, she slipped into post-natal depression and then, she stopped trying to get a job in the TV industry.

Seeing that the people she started with had gone far ahead of her was hard. It was more difficult when she saw new people arrive on the scene.

“Their lives looked perfect. That was what my life was before.”

Tana started keeping to herself. She wouldn’t go out, call friends or do anything. Although, she was at home, Tana didn’t even bond with her children. She was just uninterested with whatever was happening in her environment.

Soon, she started blaming everyone including her husband. She felt she could have waited to be extremely comfortable before she got married.

“And then I felt like, ‘Tana, maybe you got married too early, maybe you should have waited a little bit. Maybe when you’re 28, when you’re 30, by then, you probably know where you are. The kind of things you’ve achieved in your life.”

While she was still morning over her loss, a call from a friend made her re-evaluate her life. She started going out, seeing friends and talking to people. Tana decided to go into the movie industry but she wanted more because she wasn’t making as much as she used to.

As much as she wanted everything happen fast for her, her Reverend father’s advice on Time, Chance, God’s will and God’s grace helped her to put things in perspective.

“You can have the first three but without the grace, you still haven’t reached your full potential yet. So, I had the time, I got the chance and i knew it was God’s will but the reason why I think I still wasn’t satisfied was because I still hadn’t found God’s grace.”

One day, she found grace when someone called her for a business deal and that marked the beginning of her big break.

“My career has taken a leap. I have seen it. I have felt it. I have heard it. I’m winning awards. I’m getting calls from my manager everyday. I tell them I can’t work till next week and they say, ‘oh, no problem, we’ll wait for you.”

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