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How Surviving Scleroderma Has Taught Abiola Segun-Williams To No Longer Live For The Small Things Of Life


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In another episode of DANGMonolgue, a series which shares the firsthand stories of people we thought we really know, Abiola Segun-Williams talks about her journey to total dependence in God as a result of a skin disease.

Abiola Segun-Williams is a Nollywood actress and a survivor of Scleroderma- a disorder in which the skin tissue tightens and hardens. It is a long-term progressive disease.

She narrated her story below

Life was good, then, I started to feel some changes. My skin began to change. This skin that I had invested a lot of money….Seeing the best cosmetic dermatologist, buying from them the most expensive high-end creams…. This skin that was glowing and gleaming…. This same skin started to peel.

In the mornings when I took my bath, I would see my skin in the bath tub and flush it away with water… this same skin. Then, my face began to change. This same face that had opened so many doors for me in the past, this face that was on the screen, this face that was pushing my brand, this face that was my ace, my meal ticket, the devil is a liar……

Then the face began to swell. I looked like a pregnant woman. Peppered spots appeared on my face, even my hair began to recede and I looked like Iyamil’eko (an old woman).

Anyone that knows me knows that I loved high heel shoes. From 4 to 6 inches. And I bought the branded ones because I always travel so that I could watch them come down in sales. So, I spotted a pair of shoes and it was $300 but I got them for a $100. I walked in it around the shop to be sure I could wear them. I paid for it, returned home and waited for the day that I would launch them.

The day came. It was my wedding anniversary. I was well-dressed with my shoes. We went to the church and whilst my husband was attempting to park, I got down walking to the church but I could not walk in the shoes. I had to lean on my daughter who helped me to strut to the church. And suddenly I realized I could no longer wear high heeled shoes.

So, I started wearing small heels and slip on shoes. Then I started noticing that when I attempted to wear small heels, I’ll be kneeling and walking. So, I restricted myself to my slippers. Soon, I couldn’t wear many of my shoes and I began to wonder what was happening.

My quest for acquisition ceased. Now I was struggling for my life. This disease called Scleroderma was affecting my lungs. It was threatening to spread to vital organs of my body. My body was racked in pains. My body stiffened. I was losing my voice. I walked around the house like an old woman. I could barely stand up. I had to practically hold myself up with my hand anytime I needed to go out.

Five treatments down the line and the mighty healing hand of God upon my life, I can stand tall today. My priorities have been replaced. My thoughts that were misplaced are now in place. I no longer live for small things. I no longer live for material things. Sometimes, I don’t even wear makeup because my reliance is on the beauty of the inside. I re-discovered myself. I began to love the new me.

The truth be told, I don’t know anything. In fact, I have no idea of the future. I am human to the point of total celestial dependence like asking God for the next step. I am more reliant on him than I used to be. I don’t know lot of things but one thing I do know; I know God.

Watch her speak here

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