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If You Desire Marriage But Haven’t Found The Right Man, Tope’s Story Will Inspire You Not To Give Up!


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For women who really desire to get married, waiting to find the right man can be very tiring especially when it seems like your friends are leaving you behind as they are taking the next big step. It can be more frustrating when it feels like no man is showing interest in you.

Sometimes, you pray long and hard but you still find yourself waiting. But, according to this Lagos based fashion designer, Matopeda, waiting on God is worth it.

Read her story below

The best thing about 2018, I got married one month ago. On the 28th of November, I woke up at 3am and I have to be honest I just laid still. You know when you’ve dreamt about something for so long. You know when you have waited and waited and waited. This day is really happening. I was scared something bad would happen again, it didn’t.

By 4am, my eyes were so red from crying. All I could hear and feel was God saying I love you this much. Yes, Matopeda I have done this. Matopeda, it is your turn. Matopeda, don’t forget me. I went to my mum’s room and she took off her clothes and she blessed me. Makeup arrived and I sat down, but I don’t know how to describe it. My heart felt like a sponge that was soaked with water. It was so full. I was bursting.

Back to back phone calls of close friends calling to pray for me. Then my sister calls, gosh. If you know @enitanhaircoach, she is the hardest human being ever. In fact, from the day I met Mr King(yes that’s his real name), yes I still can’t get over it and him, I’ll try to gist with her and she is unbothered. I think because she has been here so many times before😂😂.

Eni called me and she was crying like they were beating her. She was inaudible. I could tell she was thanking God but I couldn’t really hear. I started crying as well. I am even crying again lol. Anita had to warn me, you need to fix up lol. Stop crying!!!

Do you know delay isn’t denial!!!!! Yooooo!!!! Do you know that if He said it He will do it. Do you know that He is not a man that will lie. The most merciful God. I call You IYANU! You are so so faithful. That You would look down at me and smile at me like this. I call You the beginning and the end. You have already FINISHED IT but we are just starting with it.

4 years ago, I began this love journey with You. As time goes, my heart begins to unravel this love. Layer by layer. It leaves me speechless. The day I came into the understanding that this man is the purest expression of your love for me. I can’t feel You. I can feel Him. I can’t dance with You. I can dance with him. I can’t Kiss You, I can Kiss Him. When I look into his eyes, it is You. I am so free to be me. All that pain was worth it. If only you knew that fire would bring you peace. Good men do exist. Men that fear and know God. That man that will take care of you. That man that will make you priority. That man that will choose you always. The man that will stand for you, defend you, protect you. They exist.

I know true love(God and I) so settling was not an option. God loved me first. This is the type of love I know. The bible also says He that finds a wife….. I know what He promised me so i was confident in Him. You loved me first. I stopped looking and you found me. I am used to hearing I love you and then people not proving it. You have shown me and proved that you love me.

My husband, oh my gooody gosh…… the best words ever😂😂😂😂 ayeeeeeeeee I love you. My Father, I love you even more. THANK YOU FOR THIS MIRACLE. Let everything about this marriage glorify You. Let people see us and see You. Let people see our union and know good marriages exist. Let people use my name as a by word for grace. As you did it for Matopeda, do it for them. Single women will hear what you did and not give up. Married women will remember how powerful You are.

Countdown to….. I don’t know what the hashtag is. I am not sure that I care.

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