Lape Soetan: What It Means When He Says He’s Not Ready For a Relationship


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When it comes to love and relationships, it seems as if men and women speak different languages.  It’s like a French-English dictionary but instead of that, we would have a man-woman dictionary.  So if a guy says something and you don’t understand it, you can look inside that dictionary and find out what he means.  Maybe creating that dictionary is something I should work on 😉 Anyway, today, the topic I have is going to be a bit like that man-woman dictionary I just talked about.  Today, I’m going to be talking about what a guy means when he says he’s not ready for a relationship.

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Now, this is something that many women have gone through.  You’re seeing a guy regularly, you hang out regularly, you even make out from time to time but he says that he’s not ready for a relationship yet.  What should you do?  What can you do about it?  What does he even mean by that?  So that’s what today’s topic is about.

So if you’ve been hanging out with a guy regularly, you make out with him a lot and people are even beginning to ask if you guys are dating or it might even be a secret relationship.  You guys hang out a lot though and your feelings are involved yet when you guys are alone, he says he’s not ready for a relationship.  What does he mean?

When a guy says he is not ready for a relationship, what he is trying to tell you is that he is not ready for a relationship…with YOU.  That’s tough to hear, I know.  And I’m sorry I have to say this but I have to tell you the truth.

Men are not confused.  They know what they want and when they find it, they go for it, particularly when it comes to women and relationships.  If a guy says that he is not ready for a relationship yet, that means he is not ready for a relationship with you.  In fact, you should be kind of happy that he has told you what is in his heart.  He has hinted at it and he is trying to tell you without breaking your heart or without using all the words to say that.  He doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you.

Now that you know the truth, what can you do about it?  If a guy tells you he’s not ready for a relationship yet and you have translated that to mean he is not ready for a relationship with you, you have to be strong and move on because that is what is required of you.

The guy is not ready for you and he might never be ready for you.  So you have to move on.  Move on and create space in your heart, create space in your life so that the right guy who is going to be excited to be in a relationship with you can come in.  The sooner you move on and do that, the better for you.

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Lape Soetan is a UK-certified relationship coach.  She helps single women over 30 attract and keep the right relationship while building lives they love.  Ms Soetan is the author of several books and details of her work can be found on www.lapesoetan.com

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