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The Man Who Abused Her When She Was A Child Has Just Been Found Guilty


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In a typical African society, it is almost impossible to get justice for rape. Most times, the woman is blamed for being raped. So, its either the matter is swept under the carpet or its settled between the families involved. Thankfully, the awareness and the advocacy against rape is making women more aware of their rights.

For getting the justice she deserved as a child and now a grown woman, 2018 is going to go down as Sabrina Mubiru’s best year ever. For Sabrina, this justice translates to so many things in her life, most especially, the healing she craves for emotionally.

Read her tweets below

So yesterday I received some life changing news. In 2016 I made the decision to report the abuse I experienced as a child which resulted in my mental health struggles. I got the call to say he was found guilty ( a unanimous verdict). I woke up this morning & cried.

I cried because I genuinely am so grateful for the woman I’ve become & the way I’ve broke generational as well as cultural traditions of ‘sweeping under the rug’. I made my voice heard & I stood firmly ( though I was scared) in the knowing of my importance.

I come from a background where traditionally these things aren’t escalated to the law & dealt with communally & ive been the person to firmly break that, & centre the fact children deserve to be protected & heard

I am normalising discussions regarding abuse & have broken the mold of protecting abusers & abandoning children. I am truly in awe at my strength, it’s also highlighted the cultural differences being British born but heritage being African.

I did for myself what should have been done a VERY long time ago, which is something I’ll always be so grateful to myself for, I doubt myself often even though on paper ive achieved so much academically & professionally. This was the one area of my life that needed healing.

For me *personally* my journey of self love has been about believing I deserve the good things in my life. Which I do now. Whether it’s been therapy, reiki, taking care of my health via nutrition, herbs etc, this is all for me to know I deserve peace, good health & love.

This is just to say for anyone who feels / felt let down by the adults in their lives as children, do for yourself now what should have been done. I am radical about self love / self introspection & committed to my growth & identifying what aspects of myself required change.

This whole experience has made me finally accept how much of a formidable person I am & whenever I choose to embark up on parenthood I’ll know that I’ll be amazing. I’m so aware of the importance of nurturing children but not blind to the fact that you gotta heal you first.

I am the woman now who my younger child self needed. This is definitely a year of completion for me & I am embracing all of the good things in my life at present. This whole experience has taught me about the importance of holding people accountable for their actions.

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1 Comment

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