Here Is Toke Makinwa’s Promise To You In 2019


It’s been 2 years since Toke Makinwa shared her life and marriage experiences in her tell-all-book, “On Becoming” and it seems that the media personality will be releasing another book next year.

Reminiscing on the heavy criticisms her first book got, she also celebrated the strength it gave to women in her shoes to stand up for themselves. Toke is not stopping anytime soon as she is still becoming all she wants to be. “In 2019 you’ll read from me again” she says.

She wrote,

It’s been 2 years since I launched my first book “On Becoming by Toke Makinwa”, 2 years since I put my pain to paper and shared my journey with the world. It’s been such an incredible journey, it has sparked off so many conversations and ultimately there has been a lot of talk. Why did she air her dirt laundry? she tried to destroy her Ex, she monetized her pain, she’s cold and deserved everything she went through.

I’ve been criticized by people who later went on the same journey and found out that this life is full of twists and turns. but there’s also been victories won. I have met so many women who found the courage to speak out because they read this book, I have heard of so many women who found their voice and found the brave in them to shame the culture of shame that we are faced with daily as women, I won’t forget the email from a guy who was honest about how bad of a partner he had been and reading the book made him have a change of heart.

I traveled the world, had an amazing tour and met so many people who I learnt from just by listening to them. Sometimes things happen not just for you but for the millions of lives that will learn from your struggle and your challenges and to those people I can tell you today I have no regrets, just blessings. I have gone on to become so much more, built a remarkable Bankable brand (still on it by his grace) and I have learnt to laugh at my self so much that what anyone has to say doesn’t affect me. In 2019 you’ll read from me again.

There’s another story waiting to be told, another journey to discover. I just really wish anyone who is holding themselves back from reaching their full potential wakes up today. I pray for clarity, I wish for strength for anyone on their journey to become and a light of hope that never fades in the face of adversity. Here’s to becoming more, thank you for coming on this journey with me

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