Waje Opens Up On Her Struggles With Validation And How She Gained Control Of Her Mind


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Aituaje Iruobe, popularly known as Waje is the latest guest on DANGMonolgue, a series which shares the firsthand stories of people we thought we really know.

Waje opens up on her struggles with seeking validation and how she determined on working on her mind after social media failed to validate her.

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I never used to think that I was good-looking, having a great body or anything like that. I needed validation, so, when social media came, it was a no-brainer – great pictures, comments, I felt like I had hit a jackpot. And then, the bubble burst. I simply realized that some people follow you just to point out everything wrong with you.

In 2013, I was on top of my game as I had four nominations and I just released an album. Everywhere I went, people wanted to say hi, so I thought this fateful day would be that kind of day. I was billed to perform. On the standing that I have a great voice, I just wanted another opportunity to showcase myself and my talents with live music and the organizers told me that there was no space for that.

I felt out of place, I was already mad at my management for not sorting that out but we needed the money, so, I agreed. And then I got there and there was a band and I suddenly got depressed. The crowds were in their thousands. It was my time to perform.

Everybody was expectant, ready to hear Waje do her thing but they didn’t know that I wasn’t in my elements. I had to use a CD to perform and I didn’t like that. I was suddenly depressed. I stood on that stage singing and it felt like a karaoke to me, there was no heart, no love, just me looking at a crowd simply disappointed that I gave them lesser than what they hungered for. But I was trending.

It was a live show, so people were watching it in their houses. I was trending for all the wrong reasons. They hated my performance. I was fat-shamed. One person actually said that I looked like a DSTV remote control. I cried. I felt really bad.

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