What People Are Saying About Linda Ikeji’s Exposé On The Father Of Her Son


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In May this year, popular blogger, Linda Ikeji shared the news of her pregnancy and while some people expressed their joy at the news, some criticized her for conceiving outside wedlock. In fact, she was reminded of her many statements about celibacy.

Following the birth of her son in September, there were controversies about the father of her baby and whether she actually got engaged, as announced by her sisters some months ago.

Two months later, Linda has told her own side of the story by revealing who the father of her child is, how they met and the current condition of their relationship.  According to her, she is sharing her personal life because of the young girls who look up to her.

She shared her story on her blog, with the title, “Meet my son Jayce…and yes, Sholaye Jeremi is his dad!”

Appealing to young girls who see her as a mentor, Linda says she does not regret having her son even though the way it happened may be wrong.

However, not many people accepts her explanation as they remind her of the many statements she made on issues like the one she presently finds herself in.




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