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Woman Narrates Her 8-Year Old Daughter’s Encounter With A 10-Year Old Boy Who Tried To Forcefully Kiss Her


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A mother described her 8-year old daughter’s traumatic encounter with a 10-year old boy, who wanted to forcefully kiss her, and it takes us back to why it is important for parents to teach their children the essence of consent from a young age.

Sadly, the mother of this 10-year old boy saw nothing wrong in what her son did. It’s unfortunate that, if left unabated, the boy will violate other kids and the mum will cover it up.

We also need to admit the role TV plays in socializing kids. Parents should supervise the movies, cartoons and other programs their children watch. They should also adhere strictly to the parental guide age of a movie.

Read her tweets below

Yesterday we were invited to a Christmas party at a friends. Went with the kids. After eating, the kids started playing, some on phones others dancing others running around. After about 30mins, my niece brings my daughter to me and she is crying and shaking…

My niece is so upset as she explains what happened. So my daughter (8) went to the loo, and a boy followed her. When she was leaving the toilet he pulled her into the nearest bedroom and tried to kiss her and she started screaming. My niece who was in the kitchen heard…

She pushed open the door and found the boy trying to hold her down. He is 10! So she pushed him off and took my daughter whilst shouting at him. When she explained what happened I looked for the mum and she says ….ah kutamba kwevana

The other guests there were equally outraged & shocked..meanwhile the other kids heard what had happened & came to console my daughter. Then the boy comes &says to me. I love your daughter & when people are in love they are supposed to kiss.

I was so mad but he obviously doesn’t know better. I told him that love is when two people feel the same &kissing is for people who are in a relationship, at an older age. His mum got upset & told me that she knows how to raise her son who was just playing & they left.

I am still so shocked that the mum found nothing wrong with a 10 yr old boy following a girl to the loo, then pushing her into a bedroom to forcibly kiss her. Shocked that my daughter had to go through such a traumatic experience at 8 at a party. Shocked that it all took less than 10mins

I keep thinking so now what. Children can’t go to the loo by themselves? He’s 10, and if he’s not guided he will succeed at some point and it won’t be just a kiss that he will want. I took the opportunity to talk to my kids about rape, I had to & will continue to. Aish.

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