4 Things Uwani Aliyu Did To Lose Weight Fast


There are many ways people claim to be the best for losing weight but this vlogger, Uwani Aliyu advices you to discover what works for you, while sharing what helps her shed weight.

Uwani used to weigh above 90kg now weighs about 66kg and she credits a few things.


Ketosis is a state where your body is fogged by fat. So, you consume fat and you lose fat. You’re basically replacing all your carb intake with fat, so, your body begins to believe that fat is what your body should run on and that’s what it starts to do. So, as you consume fat, it takes more fat from you.

What I have learnt about Keto is that it is a great way to lean out. Sometimes, you lose muscle weight, water weight but you look different. I did Keto for about two to three weeks. I was eating chicken, meat and some dairy products.

Some people tell you to do the ketosis diet but they don’t tell you what you could go through while on Keto.

While I was on Keto, I get really sick. There’s something called carb withdrawal, where your body is demanding for what it’s used to. I had a lot of carb withdrawals. Sometimes, I’ll throw up. When I’m running up the stairs, I run out of breath, I had black outs and it was a lot on my mental health. The deal breaker for me on my ketosis was my skin.

If you have an acne-prone skin or a problematic skin, dairy products make you break out and give you other problems with your skin. As I was actively trying to lose weight, I was actively trying to clear my skin as well. So I knew I couldn’t do Keto for that long. I did Keto for about three weeks and I lost a whole lot of weight.

Intermittent Fasting

For intermittent fasting when it comes to diet, you time yourself. I started intermittent fasting; I started with eating twice a day and smaller portions of anything I was eating. I didn’t filter my food; I started by reducing my food portions and how much I was eating in a day. I still eat all the foods I eat but the only thing I cut out is swallows. I replaced swallows with cabbages. I cut out on my sodas. I progressed to once a day which means I eat one full meal a day. So, intermittent fasting is about discipline and training your body. So, you’re training your body not to be used to so much food. However, do not starve yourself; start with what you’re comfortable with. Ulcer is real.


Watch the video below to see other tips she shared

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Oguejiofor Zuby Luciana

    Oguejiofor Zuby Luciana

    January 8, 2019 at 11:55 pm

    Weight loss can be easy and fast, all it takes is the right plan and determination. I always teach my students that. For me, I train using five different sure proof method of seeing positive results in 4 weeks, intermittent fasting being one and it works all the time.

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