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“Bantale Was Born Surrogate And I’m Sure Somebody Would Ask, What’s The Testimony? To Me, It’s A Great Testimony” – Mrs Ayeni


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It is the joy of every woman who desires to have children to carry their babies in their wombs but having waited for 19 years without a child, Omobolanle Ayeni decided to give surrogacy a trial.

Surrogate motherhood is a situation whereby a third party female is commissioned to carry a pregnancy on behalf of another couple, delivers a baby and hands the child over to the commissioning parents at birth. While surrogacy is not common in Nigeria, it is one of the options given to women trying to conceive and more women are going for it.

Omobolanle welcomed her daughter, Omotara, in 2016. Thanking God for the gift of her baby in church, Omobolanle said that, while many may not see her testimony as a miracle, she sees it as one.

Read her testimony here

I got married at the City Of David on the 21st of December 1997. Omotara, Bantale, Diekoloreoluwa, Oluwajomiloju was born on the 6th of December, 2016, 19 years later.

Bantale was born surrogate and I’m sure somebody would ask, what’s the testimony? it’s not a miracle but because I was raised in a Yoruba home and I was taught that whoever thinks well will be grateful. To me, it’s a great testimony.

I stand here as a testimony and encouragement to every mother and father in God’s waiting room. God still does miracles. I prophecy that God will give oneness in your homes, that whatever route you decide to go on, whatever choices you decide to make, that God will show himself as Oluwashindara (God still does miracles) as he did in my life.

Watch her speak here

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    January 9, 2019 at 1:12 pm

    This is really good.. Just as Funke Akindele.. God bless your home.

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