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The strength of an individual is determined by the willingness to try, ability to push and the determination to keep trying.

For winners, giving up wasn’t, isn’t and is never going to be an option. The truth is: life is not easy, it never was and it’s never going to be. But wait a minute! Is it really so hard?

So many people have set limits, create barriers, placed restrictions and cut short possibilities for one unfounded reason or the other. A lot of people have become stagnated and even regressed simply because they have been faced with the minimal difficulty. They have given up so easily and condemn themselves by themselves. It’s so sad!

And here I ask you:
 How dare you expect the journey to be easy when life itself isn’t?
 Why must you think you can’t when you barely gave it a try?
 Why do you have to give up so soon when you only needed to try harder?

Your limitations are those you set for yourself and irrespective of your gender, who you are, where you are or what you think, you can be an influencer.

Do we still need to confine ourselves to the home alone when the society is in dying need of our impact? If we are to restrict ourselves to the home and upbringing of our children alone then how sure are we that our children will not be wrongly influenced by the society that we have selfishly refused to influence?

The society has suffered huge neglect. Did we (women) say we are builder, then what exactly are we building? If you say:

You don’t know how to go about it; remember the word try.
It seems so difficult even though I’ve tried; consider trying harder
No matter how much I try I still can’t; remember giving up isn’t an option.

When you hear people say “what a man can do a woman can do better”, it isn’t about feminism or gender battle but it’s simply about the reality of the fact that women have this special talent of multitasking and doing that exceptionally. Also, anywhere they are or anything they partake in, they perform outstandingly well; it a free gift of nature and that of course, is a non-debatable fact.

Dear women,
Remember you are part of the builders and makers of the society. Your responsibilities outstretch beyond the home. There is indeed a huge task ahead, there is a desperate call for help from the society out there and this is the time to put your womanhood to test. Are we going to fail, what excuse can we possibly give if we do?

It isn’t going to be easy after all, life itself isn’t but if we start now and teach the next generation of women (teenage girls) to do same, then I can boldly say that our society will be sane once again and the generations yet to come will be proud of us.

Dear influencers, the time to start is now; yes, now! Be you a career woman or a stay home you can:
Say something!
Do something!
Change something!
Birth the society that you want your children and children’s children to live in.
Go out there, be an influencer and affect the world positively.
Remember, together we can make it easier.


Rafat Otono G is the Executive Director/Founder of Teenage Girl Child Support and Development Initiative an NGO that focuses on issues concerning the girl child especially teen girls. She’s also a motivational speaker, a freelance writer and a poet. All her works are mostly on the female gender. www.teenagegirlchild.org/blog

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