Funmilola Fagbamila’s ‘Black Girls Fly’ Is A Must Read For Every Black Girl!


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We love everything about Funmilola Fagbamila’s poem, “Black Girls Fly”, which is challenging every black girl to reach for their dreams.

The poem talks about how Black women can evolve from the wrong mindset that the society has built in them from childhood, to dreaming big and shattering the glass ceiling to be who they want to be.

Society says, “don’t do this because you are a girl and you’re black”, but Funmilola says, “challenge stereotypes and you will go high”.

This poem is a must read for every Black girl!

Funmilola is a Nigerian American scholar, activist, playwright and artist, who is currently serving as a professor of Pan African Studies at California State University, Los Angeles.  Her  artistry is multifaceted as she is also a spoken word artist, emcee and has delivered keynote addresses at colleges and universities across the US.

The poem reads, 

Imagine little, Black girl,

Maybe nine, maybe ten

She solemnly swears to herself,

She will win, she will write her thoughts,

She will read them loud; she will speak her mind,

She’ll be Black and proud

She gonna light up the world with her futuristic vision

About what our world would look like if we fight for abolition

Of the systems that are founded on a mass superstition

That demand that our minds and our bodies are imprisoned,

Yes, she gonna do all that,

But in order to do that, she has to dodge the things that hold her back,

Like assumptions made about who she is,

About what she should do,

And how she should live

Like, be a good girl and don’t make no noise

And go play with Barbies

And these pink ass toys,

And your strength is no match for the strength of boys

And she knows that ignorance given power destroys,

But, she won’t be held back,

No, she won’t do that

Yes, she will push through

That’s what black girls do,

And she has no limit,

She exceeds the sky,

She is strength and power that you can’t deny.

She will challenge authority,

No, she won’t comply,

She will change the world,

Yes, she will go high,

And I’ll be shading my eyes as I look in the sky,

What I see in the clouds?

That young, Black girl fly,

Get it, Black girl fly,

Go, Black girl fly,

Common Black girl fly,

Yes, Black girl fly

Watch her read the poem here


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