“I Just Want To Encourage Young Girls Out There. Don’t Have Kids With Random People, It’s Not Worth It At All” – Fay Moyo


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Fay Moyo, a 23-year old  mother of one, is urging young women to be cautious when choosing a partner , especially because of the well-being of the children that may be involved. According to her, every child has to feel the love of both parents; you don’t want to purposely put yourself in a situation where your child isn’t going to have both parents.

Noting that there are many reasons why women become single parents, Fay says  some women purposely put themselves in such situations especially with the glamour that may come with it.

For Fay who got pregnant when she was 18, she explained that she was naïve at the time she met her son’s father, which was why she found herself in the situation. Sadly, her pregnancy led to the breakdown of her relationship with her son’s father. As a result, she was left to cater for her son alone.

When her son turned one, she decided to go back to college and it was quite easy because her son’s daycare closed late in the evening and before he closes, she was done in school. Moreover, she had good support from friends and family that were around her.

However, it wasn’t the same when she decided to go back to the university. Taking care of her son while attending classes weren’t easy, so, she dropped out of school to cater for her son.

“I just want to encourage young girls out there. Don’t have kids with random people, it’s not worth it at all. Lots of single mothers portray themselves as having everything together but in reality, that’s not it. There were times when I struggled to put a plate of food on the table for myself to eat. That’s how bad it is sometimes,” she said.

On single women who may be weighed down by the burden of taking care of their kids alone, Fay said,

“My advice to single parents, always find something that you can do from home. The year after I finished college, I decided to open my Facebook page, I started blogging, post some of my recipes, it was like my little piece of cake that I had for myself to enjoy. I felt that I was doing something; it was a really good distraction. And now I’m in the process of turning that into a fully functional business.

For me, finding something to do at home helped me with a lot of stuff that I was struggling with. That helped me when I was feeling depressed, lonely and helped me find something to focus on for myself outside of looking after my child,” Moyo advises other single moms.

Watch her speak here

Episode 1 – Its Not All Glam and Glitz

In this episode I touch on the importance of choosing who you have kids with carefully. Having children with the wrong person can be toxic for everyone involved.

Posted by Fay Moyo on Monday, January 14, 2019

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