Is Asking for Cash Gifts as a Wedding Present Uncouth?


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Just like item 7 stereotypically speaks to refreshment time at Nigerian parties, item 8 typifies the presentation of gifts to couples at weddings. This is usually characterized by people making their way to the couple with nicely wrapped gifts that assume the shape of their wrappers, making it very easy to tell what each person is matching forward with.

On these queues to the reception stage where newlyweds are expected to receive generous gifts from their guests, I have seen people line up to gift items like buckets, coolers, wall clocks, dinner wares to couples. In extra generous cases, some couples have received more useful gifts like microwave ovens, sandwich makers, gas cookers and refrigerators. At the end of the ceremony, the newlyweds would have received so many gifts from well-wishers as well as inherit the logistics problem of how to move the gifts from the reception and where to store them.

In between observing this trend at weddings and coordinating the logistics to move and warehouse these sorts of gifts from my brother’s wedding, I have wondered how many of those gifts would be truly appreciated or needed. If they truly are, why does a bulk of it stay unwrapped for as long as the 5th year of the couple’s marriage? Couples who would rather not deal with this hassle have begun to state their preference for cash gifts prior to their ceremony. While I considered this new trend a smart move, I have heard some people out rightly call it uncultured and uncouth. But is that what it is? A couple’s choice to receive cash gifts for an exotic honeymoon with memories that would last a lifetime; part payment for a brand-new car or house instead of the usual heap of multiple buckets and toasters. What is uncouth about that?

What we might label tacky is how they ask. Bank details on wedding IVs? That’s not chic! Keeping it sophisticated by infusing this request into your regular wedding listing site that has the wedding details is more like it. As people go on the site to RSVP, they also get to read interesting stories about the couple’s first date, the proposal, the wedding party and eventually flip to the cash gift registry page that lists what the couple would rather have as wedding presents.

The fact that a group of people can pool resources together to gift even the most expensive item on the list is a major reason to add a cash gift registry to your wedding microsite. Going digital also solves a major problem for people who are unable to attend the wedding for various reasons but want to send a gift to the couple.

For all the right reasons, this is definitely one of the wedding trends to watch out for in Nigerian weddings this year. I know this is here to stay, just like the couple’s grand wedding reception entrance, the bride reveal and the bouquet toss.


Anu Sanya is a Digital Business/Services professional in her day job.  She Owns and Runs a digital startup Ournuptialchest.com a wedding listing and gift registry that enables Cash gifts as gifts to  couples from family and friends.

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