It’s Just January But You Already Feel Like Giving Up on 2019? Here Are Some Words To Soothe Your Pain


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It’s almost the end of the first month in the new year, but not many people are excited about it. In fact, not many people entered the new year with joy in their hearts. Some are scared about what the year holds, knowing what they went through the previous year. Some are just tired and really wants to give up the fight and some are just clueless.

While all these feelings are not strange to us as humans, it is important to note that there is always something to be grateful for and the devil is out there to prevent us from seeing it.

Are you tired of pressing on or the thought of even waking up to a new day scares you? Please draw strength from the words of singer Waje, who also used to be in this same situation.

Read her note here

It’s a long read but I hope it inspires you. so please indulge.

I wasn’t excited about the new year, forget Instagram post. I was so anxious and the feeling of uncertainty scared the s**** out of me. Some old wounds opened and the sore was nasty, my mind was too weak. I honestly knew what was wrong, didn’t want to be strong, I prayed as usual but my special time with God I ignored…… I was in so much pain and wanted to feel numb. Angry that I couldn’t control my emotions and lost. It happens to the best of us but then @artistry_by_tolani sent me a message from her church.

See eh, when people hurt you or when you hurt your self consistently, it’s not their fault or yours. We sometimes blind ourselves to the simple truth, the devil will always seek to steal your joy and use anyone who’s available to be an instrument including you! Being reminded of that made me jump, I was like kai waje you fall my hand. He went on to say that the Christ in you is freedom so anything that holds you to ransom is your choice, u can refuse to be in that state physically or emotionally and I jumped up again!

Paused the video and said God forgive my foolishness. See fine girl like me that my smile radiates and my voice touches lives. I have so much more inside me yet I’m walking the earth with no sparks by CHOICE like are you serious! Chai! I said a prayer silently ( lord remove this ugly cloak of heaviness and despair and cover my face with your veil of joy!

So I want to encourage you sweethearts. Everyday won’t be rosy but you choose to be radiant and laugh and fetch from the springs of peace and joy. You will end well this year strong! You will love and laugh and your aura will be joy contagious.

Every time someone hurts you at work, your love life, school ,whatever, wherever, just say “ekwensu I see your plan but in @theonlychigul voice “you are a waste” cause by choice I am a reflection of Christ and that is JoY! I was delivered yesterday so I can genuinely say Happy new year.

Watch this space! I and my people are made for signs and wonders. We haven’t started sweets! We WIN

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