Joyce Olawunmi Adegoke: How To Deal With Procrastination And Live Your Best Life


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One question I am being asked frequently this New Year is – “How do I deal with procrastination?” This is so because most people want to make the year count and live their best life.

The simple answer I give people when they ask me this question is: Deal with it in your mind! I know this sounds very simple, like, how will I deal with procrastination in my mind. Don’t worry, I will simplify it further.

Permit me to say that everything you will ever amount to in life starts and ends in the mind. The mind is the most powerful resource for getting things done practically. Relating how to deal with procrastination with the mind, you need to set your mind out to achieve what needs to be done. That’s the first place to take action! Tell yourself, you will get things done, and actually do so.

Well, you might say, this isn’t as easy as you say, but just follow me closely, I will share 3 practical ways to deal with this thing called procrastination. To deal with procrastination:

Write out what you want to achieve in a journal
The practice of writing down your ideas can never be old fashioned.  If you want to deal with procrastination, then start by writing down what you want to achieve. For example, ask yourself these questions:
 What do I want to achieve?
 What is this dependent on?
 Who do I need to talk to?
 What realistic time frame do I intend to achieve this?
After truthfully answering these question, it’s time to get accountable, which moves me to the next point, ACCOUNTABILITY.

Be accountable to someone
Do you have mentors? Do you have friends, do you have people you can share your ideas with and will be on your neck to see that you achieve them? Then you are covered. If you have an idea and you are ready to launch out, tell someone about it. Give your word to someone who will hold you accountable to it. By doing this, your mind begins to work practically at achieving your set down goals, because we humans always want to keep a good
face before others.

Do what you set out to do
This is the last point. There is no magic formula on how to deal with procrastination save DOING what needs to be done. Just do it, against all odds, do it anyhow, do it now. And even if you don’t get to achieve all you set out to do, you will be glad you took that bold step and the very next time you want to achieve a goal, you will be more energized to take action.

In conclusion, as we move through the year 2019, do not allow procrastination kill your bright ideas, launch out and do more with your life.


I am Adegoke Olawunmi Joyce.  I work as a Research and Product Developer at an IT firm in Lagos State. I am an inspirational writer/ blogger @joyceolawunmi.com, budding Public speaker and Self- development coach. I am passionate about helping people live better lives by taking simple steps daily.  I currently run an online reading group “30 Days Reading Challenge’’ where I help people develop/ revive their reading habit.  I believe that the best way to live is to ”Love God and serve Humanity”
My Facebook: Adegoke Wumi


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Elizabeth Iweanoge

    Elizabeth Iweanoge

    January 16, 2019 at 8:24 am

    That is my watchword, so that I can achieve my goals.

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