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Nkem Okocha Shares How One Woman’s Kindness Changed Her Life from a House-help to a Graduate and Business Owner


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Nkem Okocha is the founder of Mama Moni Limited, a social enterprise that empowers poor rural and urban slum women with free vocational skills and Mobile Loans.

She was inspired to start this initiative when she resigned from her job as a banker to start her own business. Soon, she discovered that there were a lot of idle women in her community and other communities with no livelihood skills and no money to start businesses.

Meanwhile, Nkem had a difficult childhood after the death of her father. And her mother, who was a full-time housewife couldn’t cater for them. So, she ended up as a house-help at a woman’s house who turned out to become her helper and a channel to everything that Nkem became today

Nkem’s story reveals that every act of kindness is a seed that will grow in the future. So, wouldn’t you rather pay it forward?

Read Nkem’s story here and the impact of her benefactor

Meet my mama 😍😍😍, this is the woman I stayed with as a househelp over 20 years ago.

I was never treated as the normal Nigerian househelp, she gave me clothes, she bought my cream, bathing soap etc monthly, upon my salary oh.

She was the one who paid for the WAEC Result I use till today, also the one who paid for my Poly JAMB to Auchi Polytecnic. She brought me into banking then Equity Bank after my study at Auchi Polytecnic.

If she had not invested in my education, I for don marry one palm wine tapper😂😂😂.

I stayed with her as a young girl, I was never molested by anyone.

Over 20 years later , she sits on Mamamoni board as an advisor and a Trustee of Mamamoni Empowerment Foundation. Her househelp has met presidents, vice presidents, billionaires , gotten several awards, she has impacted other women etc

All this was possible because she treated me like a human, not a house girl. Her investment in me made it possible for me to impact other women. She invested in only me and look at the outcome, sometimes, you might just need to touch the life of only one person, just make a difference in the life of one person. Today Mamamoni has impacted over 6000 low-income women, we have 2 factories that employ low-income women, imagine if she did not invest in my education.

Never look down on anybody God is no respecter of persons, he rewards hard work and diligence, he can uplift anyone at any time. Her lifestyle has taught me to be humble and helpful to others.

Women, Women treat you househelp well, if you cannot afford to educate them or impact their lives, please leave them alone, like I will always say “you women that use children younger than yours as househelp God is watching you on 3D 👀👀👀.”

I love you mama😘😘😘, may God continue to keep you for us.

I am never ashamed to talk about where God has brought me from, because sharing my story will continue to uplift someone that is about to give up, and is a reminder that I carry God’s favour.

God made me go through all what we did to make me birth Mamamoni , to understand flights of widows and their children, to make know that Nigeria has no formal structure to support mother’s.


Meet my mama 😍😍😍, this is the woman I stayed with as a househelp over 20 years ago.I was never treated as the normal…

Posted by Okocha Nkem Christiana on Friday, January 11, 2019

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