Ruth Oshikanlu Has Been Appointed As A Member Of The Order Of The British Empire (MBE) For Her Services To Community Nursing


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For her services to Community Nursing, Children and Families, Ruth Oshikanlu has been appointed as a member of the order of the British Empire (MBE) in the New Year 2019 Honours List.

Ruth is an award-winning pregnancy mindset expert, a nurse, midwife and health visitor with over 25 years experience practicing in the United Kingdom.

Growing up, Ruth’s father wanted her to become a doctor but she knew that wasn’t her calling, so, she went on to qualify as a midwife. After a thorough grounding in the National Health Service and hospital environment, she decided to focus on community midwifery, helping women to have their babies their way.

Ruth supports pregnant women who have problems conceiving or have had recurrent miscarriages. She also equips women with the knowledge they need to grow and raise healthy babies from conception, labour, childbirth and beyond. She loves enabling women to have continuity, choice and control in pregnancy and childbirth.

She works with clients to eliminate anxiety, fear and stress around their pregnancy so that they can bond with their baby, remain pregnant and importantly enjoy the experience.

The author of “Tune In To Your Baby: Because Babies Don’t come with an instruction manual”, Ruth’s inspiration for the book came from her pregnancy experience.

In 2004, Ruth got pregnant of a baby she didn’t plan to have. However, she prepared for his coming as her pregnancy progressed.  At 21 weeks of the pregnancy, Ruth almost had a miscarriage and had to spend five months at the hospital.

One night, the guilt of not wanting the baby overcame her and with tears, she cried and prayed to God to keep her baby. Some hours later, she felt the move of her baby and that was the sign she needed that her baby was staying. Following that experience, she started talking to her baby, speaking positively to him and that was what preserved him.

Ruth learnt so much from the experience both personally and professionally as her job as a midwife hadn’t prepared her for the reality of becoming a mother. That is why her book was borne to inspire other pregnant women, who almost want to lose their babies to learn from what she believes made the greatest difference, which was her positive mindset and connecting and developing with the baby in uterus.

Ruth also works very closely with the Nigerian Nurses Charitable Association in the UK, and mentors several Nigerian nurses via a virtual platform created to exchange knowledge and share expertise between UK and Nigerian nurses.

Ruth’s mission is to ensure that more parents understand how important the first 1000 days of life (pregnancy and the first two years of life) is, so that they can support their children to become healthy adults; and healthy children and adults create a healthy society.

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