Sekinat Quadri Started Boxing When She Was 5. Now She’s 7 and Her Aspirations Are Growing Bigger


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Gone are the days when gender used to dictate what a person should do. In recent times, both men and women are expressing themselves freely in the career they love to do. So, we aren’t quite surprised with this 7-year old girl, who aspires to be a boxer.

In her chat with BBC Yoruba, Sekinat Quadri said she started boxing when she was 5. Now she’s 7, her aspirations are growing bigger.

She said,

When I first told my mum that I wanted to be a boxer, my mum said, no, that I am a girl but my dad asked me to go ahead. My name is Sekinat Quadri. I am a boxer and I started boxing when I was five years old.

I aspire to be Nigerian champion like Mohammed Alli, Laila Alli, Mike Tyson, Anthony Joshua and Classera Shields.

Whenever my friends want to fight me in school, I refuse, telling them I only fight in the ring.

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